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Friends of Zion’s Christians?

Friends of Zion's Christians
Christian pilgrims carry palm branches during the Palm Sunday procession on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. UPI/Debbie Hill

This article was first published at Christianity Today, on December 15, 2017.

American evangelicals rediscovered their brethren in the Middle East in recent years. The promise of the Arab Spring, followed by the threat of ISIS. Beheadings and other martyrdoms, followed by forgiveness.

Many decided we must become better friends, and work harder for the persecuted church’s flourishing in the land of its birth.

However, President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is putting that new friendship to the test, as Middle East Christian leaders have almost unanimously rallied against the decision.

Trump’s decision would “increase hatred, conflict, violence and suffering,” said the patriarchs and heads of churches in Jerusalem in a statement in advance of his anticipated announcement.

The Coptic Orthodox Church warned of “dangerous consequences.” The head of Egypt’s Protestant community said it was “against justice” and “not helpful.”

But the strongest testimony may have come from Jordan, where the national evangelical council pleaded against “uncalculated risks” that “may well expose Christians in this region to uncontrollable dangers.

Despite these dire cries, many conservative US evangelicals rejoiced in Trump’s announcement…

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One reply on “Friends of Zion’s Christians?”

Hi Jason great article and let us hope that evangelicals in the states take on board a muslims understanding and perception of Christianity is judged by their own understanding of Islam and that it is their culture belief and way of life. Also that everyone in the west are christians, therefore if the see a woman wearing fake leather hot pants that are not much bigger than a belt. They believe that the woman is a Christian. And that is how christians behave with getting drunk and fornication etc etc. It also counts at the opposite end of the scale with the incumbent claiming to be. Christian and making islamaphobic remarks together with his so called group of evangelical advisors including Graham say muslims should be kicked out of America. Together with other islamiaphobic remarks and hate speach towards the minorities in the world. It has been the same with other presidents in the States. You then get the situations when Christian minorities in Muslim majority countries are not only tarred with the same brush but also are an easy target for those who take it out on them because of the behaviour of so called christians in the west,
I am so glad that minority’s christians have stood up and spoken out.


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