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Lebanon Prayer: Flicker

God, As demonstrators gathered to mark the one-year anniversary of their uprising, they brought candles. There were chants. There were flags. But this time, no dancing. No celebration. Instead they marched to the port. To commemorate not a movement, but a tragedy. Honor this, God. Much has been lost in this year of protest. The […]

Gambia’s New Sharia-Friendly Constitution Fails. But Christians Are Still Concerned.

The Gambia almost had a new constitution. Instead, the English-speaking, sliver-shaped West African river nation—known for Muslim-Christian coexistence—will return to the 1997 constitution instituted by former dictator Yahya Jammeh and amended by him more than 50 times to entrench his power. One year before being deposed in 2016 by popular protests, Jammeh declared Gambia to […]

Lebanon Prayer: Return

God, There is nothing new under the sun. But must the shadows reappear so quickly? Two months after the port destruction, gas bottle explosions cost lives in Beirut. One here, two there. Five months after the clampdown on smuggling, complaints renew about fuel lost to Syria. Lines here, limits there. Twelve months after wildfires ravaged […]

Symbolic Armenian Church Shelled in Clashes with Azerbaijan

… The Armenian Foreign Ministry denounced the shelling as a “monstrous crime and a challenge to the civilized humankind,” warning Azerbaijan that targeting religious sites amounts to a war crime. Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry denied attacking the cathedral, saying its army “doesn’t target historical, cultural and, especially, religious buildings and monuments.” A priest at the cathedral, […]

Biden Said ‘Inshallah.’ Many Arab Christians Do Too.

Unnoticed by many during the contentious first presidential debate, Joe Biden introduced a new Arabic word into the American lexicon. Inshallah. Technically, it is three words, in both Arabic and English: “in sha’ Allah,” or “if God wills.” “If you take it literally, you won’t get the intent,” said Ramez Atallah, general director of the […]

Armenians Fight to Hold Ancient Homeland Within Azerbaijan

Fierce fighting has broken out in the Caucasus mountains between the Caspian and Black seas, pitting Christian Armenians versus Muslim Azeris. But is it right to employ their religious labels? “Early Sunday morning [Sept. 27], I received a phone call from our representative in the capital city,” said Harout Nercessian, the Armenia representative for the […]


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