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The 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Follow Jesus in 2022

A thousand more Christians were killed for their faith last year than the year before. A thousand more Christians were detained. Six hundred more churches were attacked or closed. And Afghanistan is the new No. 1, according to the 2022 World Watch List (WWL), the latest annual accounting from Open Doors of the top 50 […]

Lebanon Prayer: A Godly Shame

God, Cabinet will soon be back—with everyone embarrassed? Since October it has stalled, to shelve the justice leading Investigations in the blast. They failed (for now) removal, And yield instead to IMF, exchange rate, and the suffering. The budget now can be discussed, prime minister the victor. But lingers still is his “two days” that […]

Lebanon Prayer: Explosive Talk

God, A few days late, the outburst came. Not from the top, but in-law. The Christian-Shiite partnership, he said: No longer working. It brought the president his post. But what else is accomplished? Reform the state, corruption probe? No—just sectarian interest. Will cost us seats, and me the chair. But principle must triumph. Yet the […]

Interview with Oleksandr Turchynov, Coordinator of Ukraine’s Conservative Movement

CT: How do you interpret Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intentions on the border, and how likely is a full invasion? Turchynov: It is rather difficult to interpret, and it is even more difficult to treat him as someone whose actions can be explained with ordinary civilized values. One aspect involves political and economic interests, such […]

On Ukraine-Russia Border, Evangelicals Endure as Invasion Looms

Ukraine celebrates Christmas twice, honoring both the Eastern and Western church calendars. Yet this season, Pentecostals spent the week leading up to December 25 in prayer and fasting while Baptists did the same from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day. The reason: tens of thousands of Russian troops amassed on the border, threatening a full […]

Lebanon Prayer: Start Talking

God, What to do when none know what? In some ways you keep going. Repair a pipeline. Seize more pills. Enjoy the new year’s party. But habits old continue too. Contribute few solutions. Freeze appointments. Tweet abroad. Call comprehensive dialogue. Surely it is needed, God. The contents known for decades. But less explosive than assumed, […]


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