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The Hardship Is Plentiful But the Workers Aren’t Few: Evangelicals Unite on Ukraine

Her mother died of cancer. Her father was killed in the war. When her home in Donetsk was destroyed by a Russian missile, retreating Ukrainian troops brought the eight-year-old orphan and her grandparents and uncle to volunteers serving with the Chernivtsi Bible Seminary (CBS), 680 miles to the west. Their only possessions were the clothes […]

Nigerian Christians Protest Muslim-Muslim Ticket as a ‘Declaration of War’

The field is set for Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election, leaving its Christian citizens in a quandary. In selecting candidates to replace the current head of state, Muhammadu Buhari, one dominant political party ignored customary protocols ensuring geographic rotation of power, while the other party—in the face of severe warnings—abandoned the customary commitment to religious representation. […]

The British Are Coming: UK Takes Religious Freedom Torch from US

The epicenter of advocacy for international religious freedom (IRF) has crossed the pond. Last week, the United Kingdom hosted the first in-person government ministerial on the issue to be held outside the United States. Under the Trump administration, the US State Department inaugurated the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom in 2018. Reconvened in Washington in […]

The Surge in Arab Seminary Studies

Bassem Ragy did not need a master’s of divinity degree in order to do math. Seven years ago, when his church’s preschool children presented their paltry Sunday school offering of 7 Egyptian pounds (then equivalent to $2), he recalled the equation of five loaves plus two fishes. Now one of 69 members of the 2022 […]

Christians Fret as Muhammad’s Family Comes Under Fire

Founding fathers are often sacred, but not sacrosanct. In recent years, Americans have wrestled with the slave-owning legacies of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Confederate statues have been toppled, ideologically refighting for some the Civil War. Pilgrims have become pillagers; Plymouth Rock equated with imperialism. Muslims are having a similar moment. Their prophet is called […]

Lebanon Prayer: Maritime Power, Made Perfect

God, We pray for resolution. Mixed up in politics, here and afield, Lies a field beneath the sea. It is yours. We claim it as ours. They claim it as theirs. As lines are drawn in subterranean sand. Then shift. And move. Ignored. And filed— Or not. Negotiating is not easy. And then there are […]


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