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The Best Advice on Engaging Muslims, from Arab Evangelical Scholars

American evangelicals often find themselves frustrated in their approach to Islam. Two options are consistently placed before them: a polemical argument few are educated enough to engage in, or an awkward dialogue urging friendship but emptied of theological significance. Help, therefore, may come from abroad—where evangelicals interact with Muslims everyday. A new book, The Religious […]

Lebanon Prayer: Cutting Ties

God, When will the Lebanese get back their money? And how much is left, after drawing it down? Dollars to lira exchanged for a pittance. A lifetime of savings became daily bread. Is there a lesson, God? If so, it feels cruel. Yes, birds of the air are fed by their maker. Flowers of the […]

Died: Ashur Eskrya, Champion of Iraq’s Displaced Christians

Ashur Sargon Eskrya, president of the Assyrian Aid Society–Iraq (AASI), passed away today from COVID-19 complications. A champion of the Assyrian Christian minority, he was also a central figure in US efforts to shelter refugees from ISIS and later rebuild the Nineveh Plains. AASI was honored for its work with a Nobel Peace Prize nomination […]

Lebanon Prayer: Crucify Them

God, There are corrupt officials who abuse their post. The crowd calls, “Crucify.” There are others ready to take their place. The crowd calls, “Crucify.” There are activists who slash and burn. The crowd calls, “Crucify.” There are some who carry foreign interests. The crowd calls, “Crucify.” God, the crowds may be different. And maybe […]

Convictions in Case of Christian Journalist Murdered in Turkey Fail to Satisfy

Fourteen years later, there is some resolution for the family of the assassinated Turkish-Armenian journalist, Hrant Dink. But not enough. “The judgment given today is quite far from the truth,” said the family in its official statement on March 26. “Not the evil itself but its leakage was punished.” In 2007, Dink was shot four […]

Sudan Confirms Religious Freedom with Nuba Mountains Rebels

Sudan has taken another step toward religious freedom. This time, it is a confirmation. On Sunday, the joint military-civilian Sovereign Council signed a peace agreement with the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N), based in the Nuba Mountains, where there is a significant Christian population. “Freedom of belief and religious practices and worship shall be […]


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