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Christians Fret as Muhammad’s Family Comes Under Fire

Founding fathers are often sacred, but not sacrosanct. In recent years, Americans have wrestled with the slave-owning legacies of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Confederate statues have been toppled, ideologically refighting for some the Civil War. Pilgrims have become pillagers; Plymouth Rock equated with imperialism. Muslims are having a similar moment. Their prophet is called […]

Lebanon Prayer: Maritime Power, Made Perfect

God, We pray for resolution. Mixed up in politics, here and afield, Lies a field beneath the sea. It is yours. We claim it as ours. They claim it as theirs. As lines are drawn in subterranean sand. Then shift. And move. Ignored. And filed— Or not. Negotiating is not easy. And then there are […]

Pew: Israelis and Palestinians Find Favor in the Eyes of Americans

Americans prefer a less polarized Holy Land. But they themselves are as polarized about it as ever. A new survey by the Pew Research Center—three years removed from when Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu led the political scene—reveals rising favorability ratings for Israel and Palestine, across nearly every segment of Americans. Most, however, still prefer […]

Will US List Nigeria Again After Latest Religious Freedom Report?

Nigeria—and a few other nations—are on alert. The US Department of State released its 2021 annual report on international religious freedom (IRF) last week, describing conditions in nearly 200 nations. Delivering remarks from the Benjamin Franklin room—where US ambassadors are sworn into service—Secretary of State Antony Blinken presented a litany of well-known offenders. China, he […]

Owo Church Attack Kills Dozens of Nigerian Catholics on Pentecost Sunday

Terrorists launched a gun and bomb attack at the end of a Catholic Mass in southwest Nigeria on Sunday, killing an estimated 70 worshipers according to residents and church leaders. The terrorists attacked the St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Owo, Ondo state, at about 9 a.m., church leaders and residents told Morning Star News […]

Lebanon Prayer: White Heart Leaders

God, Mandate renewed. White votes aplenty. Give him the white heart proclaiming. And with him a deputy, narrowly won. The same total elected odd partners. Deal or no deal? God, only you know. The voting is maintained clandestine. Opposite camps, but yet status quo— The devil you know bests the stranger. Opinion of many: Devils […]


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