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Ukraine’s Prison Fellowship Extended to Russian POWs

Vyacheslav Kogut was so angry he could spit. The Russian invasion once again drew him out of his normal ministry as executive director of Prison Fellowship Ukraine (PFU) and into relief work. The military counterattack had just liberated another village on the eastern front, where several civilians had been shot. The source of his ire, […]

Wiser than Solomon: Can Evangelicals Lead the Middle East Toward Creation Care?

“Wisdom,” said Jesus, “is proved right by all her children” (Luke 7:35). But sometimes it takes generations to judge, as demonstrated by a new research study that threatens to tarnish the reputation of a legendary biblical paragon. According to archaeologists at Tel Aviv University, King Solomon disregarded the environment. Today, his spiritual descendants largely follow […]

Pope Francis in Bahrain: A Royal Reminder of Religious ‘Freedom of Choice’

After greeting Pope Francis last week with a red carpet, a 21-gun salute, and a contingent of horses to accompany his humble vehicle, King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa highlighted one document to characterize his realm: The 2017 Kingdom of Bahrain Declaration. “[Bahrain is] a cradle of mutual coexistence between followers of different faiths,” he […]

Ethiopia-Tigray Peace Agreement Contains Biblical Mandate

The Ethiopian war in Tigray is over. On November 2, federal forces and rebel authorities agreed on a “cessation of hostilities,” ending a conflict believed to have killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions. All sides committed abuses, as documented by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission and other international observers. “No one has been clean […]

Interview: The Growing British Concern for Religious Freedom for All

The American government has long committed itself to supporting religious freedom worldwide. In 1998, the International Religious Freedom Act obliged the State Department to compile an annual report and designate offending nations as Countries of Particular Concern. It established an ambassador-at-large, created an independent bipartisan commission, and placed a special advisor on the National Security […]

The Forest Underground: How an Australian Missionary Regrew the African Sahel

After 18 grueling months fighting desertification in Niger, Tony Rinaudo was near despair. As manager of a small reforestation project for SIM in 1983, he knew few of the 6,000 trees the missions agency had planted yearly since 1977 had survived the arid Sahel climate. Locals called him the “crazy white farmer,” not wishing to […]


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