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This page is a list of my articles published on various media; click here for my archive of articles published on Arab West Report. Clicking the media name will redirect to the text; the most recent articles are listed first.

May 25, 2023, Christianity Today, Sola Scripturas: Can Evangelicals Befriend the ‘Protestant Reformers of Islam’?

May 24, 2023, Christianity Today, Tim Keller Changed Church Planting, from City to City (additional reporting)

May 17, 2023, Christianity Today, US Rates Religious Freedom of China, Iran, Russia Among 199 Nations

May 17, 2023, Christianity Today, How Should We Then Live Among Muslims? Four Arab Christian Views

May 12, 2023, Christianity Today, As Churches Offer Refuge, Sudanese Christians Refine Theology of War

May 9, 2023, Christianity Today, Estonia Seminary Unites War-Weary Russians and Ukrainians in Christ

May 2, 2023, Christianity Today, Religious Freedom Violations Go West

May 2, 2023, Christianity Today, Khartoum Churches Damaged as Sudan Descends Closer to Civil War

April 4, 2023, Christianity Today, Syria Has Six Months to Receive Your Earthquake Aid

April 3, 2023, Christianity Today, Amid the Languish of Lebanon, Christians Lead with Resilience and Prayer

March 29, 2023, Christianity Today, Saudi Arabia Embraced Coptic Christmas. Could Its First Church Be Next?

March 18, 2023, Christianity Today, Russian Christians Make Theological Case for Peace

March 7, 2023, Christianity Today, Should Messianic Jews Return to Israel from Russia and Ukraine?

February 24, 2023, Christianity Today, Nigerian Christians Explain High Stakes of 2023 Presidential Election

February 23, 2023, Christianity Today, Christians Assess Criticism of Turkey’s Earthquake Efforts

February 22, 2023, Christianity Today, Turkish Christians Plead: Don’t Distribute Bibles After Earthquake

February 8, 2023, Christianity Today, Let There Be Radio: Lebanese Evangelicals Launch FM Station

February 7, 2023, Christianity Today, Turkish and Syrian Christians Rally Earthquake Relief

February 4, 2023, Christianity Today, Let My People Come and Go, Karabakh Christians Tell Azerbaijan

January 18, 2023, Christianity Today, Terrorist Attack on Congolese Church Prompts Plea for Christian Advocacy

January 7, 2023, Christianity Today, Christmas Epiphanies from the Ruins of Ukraine

January 4, 2023, Christianity Today, Afghan Christians Are Very Online

January 4, 2023, Christianity Today, Armenian Christians Endure Christmas Blockade in Artsakh

December 21, 2022, Christianity Today, Will Ukraine’s Threatened Ban on Russia-Linked Churches Violate Religious Freedom?

December 20, 2022, Christianity Today, Muslims Love Russian Christmas. Eurasia’s Evangelicals Do Too.

December 20, 2022, Christianity Today, Ukraine Celebrates Christmas Twice. Now Its Orthodox Christians Can Too.

December 5, 2022, Christianity Today, US Commission ‘Outraged’ By Omitted Offenders of Religious Freedom

November 21, 2022, Christianity Today, Finding Common Ground in a Big Fish

November 14, 2022, Christianity Today, Ukraine’s Prison Fellowship Extended to Russian POWs

November 14, 2022, Christianity Today, Wiser than Solomon: Can Evangelicals Lead the Middle East Toward Creation Care?

November 12, 2022, Christianity Today, Interview: The Growing British Concern for Religious Freedom for All

November 11, 2022, Christianity Today, Ethiopia-Tigray Peace Agreement Contains Biblical Mandate

November 11, 2022, Christianity Today, Pope Francis in Bahrain: A Royal Reminder of Religious ‘Freedom of Choice’

November 10, 2022, Christianity Today, The Forest Underground: How an Australian Missionary Regrew the African Sahel

October 21, 2022, Christianity Today, Christians Say Sayfo Martyrs Should Get Genocide Status

October 20, 2022, Christianity Today, Evangelical Creation Care Expert Shares Lessons Learned from Global Tour

September 29, 2022, Christianity Today, The Light Force of God’s Smuggler: Arab Christians Mourn Brother Andrew

September 27, 2022, Christianity Today, Orphan Forced from Christian Home Highlights Islamic Ban on Adoption

August 30, 2022, Christianity Today, Christian Radio Reacts to Ukraine Restrictions on Russian Language

August 24, 2022, Christianity Today, Prayer in Ukraine After Six Months of War

August 18, 2022, Christianity Today, Egypt Church Fire Kills 41, Sparks Blame of Building Law’s Legacy

August 5, 2022, Christianity Today, The Hardship Is Plentiful But the Workers Aren’t Few: Evangelicals Unite on Ukraine

July 26, 2022, Christianity Today, Nigerian Christians Protest Muslim-Muslim Ticket as a ‘Declaration of War’

July 13, 2022, Christianity Today, The British Are Coming: UK Takes Religious Freedom Torch from US

July 8, 2022, Christianity Today, The Surge in Arab Seminary Studies

June 24, 2022, Christianity Today, Christians Fret as Muhammad’s Family Comes Under Fire

June 9, 2022, Christianity Today, Pew: Israelis and Palestinians Find Favor in the Eyes of Americans

June 6, 2022, Christianity Today, Will US List Nigeria Again After Latest Religious Freedom Report?

June 5, 2022, Christianity Today, Owo Church Attack Kills Dozens of Nigerian Catholics on Pentecost Sunday

May 30, 2022, Christianity Today, ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’: Ukrainian Orthodox Church Ruptures Relations with Russia

May 25, 2022, Christianity Today, Nigerian Christians Protest Deborah’s Death

May 19, 2022, Christianity Today, Exodus, Judges, or Nehemiah: Lebanon’s Evangelicals Assess Surprising Election Victory

May 16, 2022, Christianity Today, What Is Antisemitism? Evangelicals Favor Different Definitions

May 13, 2022, Christianity Today, Photos Show Ukraine’s Bible Belt Struck Down But Not Destroyed

April 22, 2022, Christianity Today, How Russian Christians View the ‘Special Military Operation’ in Ukraine

April 20, 2022, Christianity Today, Parsing Pacifism: Ukraine’s Mennonite Heritage Shapes Evangelical Responses to Russia

April 7, 2022, Christianity Today, Bucha Evangelical Leader Sees Russian Atrocities, Looks for God’s Hand

April 6, 2022, Christianity Today, Despite Drop in Deportations, Turkey Still Troubles Christians

April 1, 2022, Christianity Today, After War, Can Armenia’s Evangelicals and Orthodox Save Their Nation Together?

April 1, 2022, Christianity Today, Azerbaijan’s Churches Explain Their Evangelism

April 1, 2022, Christianity Today, What Ukraine’s Evangelical Women Want Known About Russia’s War

March 31, 2022, Christianity Today, Azerbaijan Adds Fuel to Armenian Concerns in Karabakh

March 25, 2022, Christianity Today, Is It ‘Christian’ for Europe to Welcome Refugees from Ukraine but Not Syria?

March 21, 2022, Christianity Today, Who Is My Neighbor? For Christians in the Balkans, the Answer Might be Troll Farms.

March 18, 2022, Christianity Today, Ukraine’s Evangelical Seminaries Plea for Help

March 17, 2022, Christianity Today, Amid Cascade of Coups, African Christians Debate Civic Duty

March 14, 2022, Christianity Today, Russian Evangelical Leader Apologizes to Ukrainian Christians

March 11, 2022, Christianity Today, The Wartime Prayers of Ukraine’s Evangelicals

March 11, 2022, Christianity Today, Do Russian Christians Need More Bonhoeffers?

March 7, 2022, Christianity Today, Ministries Evacuate as Russians Reach Irpin, the Evangelical Hub of Ukraine

March 3, 2022, Christianity Today, Hundreds of Russian Pastors Oppose War in Ukraine

February 27, 2022, Christianity Today, During Sunday Siege, Ukraine’s Churches Persevere

February 24, 2022, Christianity Today, As Russia Invades Ukraine, Pastors Stay to Serve, Pray … and Resist

February 23, 2022, Christianity Today, Arab Christian Scholars: Trade Minority Mindset for Abundant Life

February 21, 2022, Christianity Today, Amid War and Rumors of War, Ukraine Pastors Preach and Prepare

February 14, 2022, Christianity Today, Christian Witness After War: A Firsthand Assessment of Armenia and Azerbaijan

February 4, 2022, Christianity Today, Can Lebanon’s Baptists and Maronites Cooperate Amid Crisis?

January 19, 2022, Christianity Today, The 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Follow Jesus in 2022

January 4, 2022, Christianity Today, On Ukraine-Russia Border, Evangelicals Endure as Invasion Looms

December 15, 2021, Christianity Today, Trump or Netanyahu? American Evangelicals Support Israel, Yet Signs of Change

December 14, 2021, Christianity Today, Sunday Worship Comes to the Gulf

December 10, 2021, Christianity Today, Coup Reversal Divides Sudan’s Christians

December 4, 2021, Christianity Today, Iran’s House Churches Are Not Illegal, Says Supreme Court Justice

November 22, 2021, Christianity Today, The Secret to Deradicalizing Militants Might be Found in Middle Eastern Churches

November 3, 2021, Christianity Today, Reaching Youth for Christ During Sudan’s Coup

October 29, 2021, Christianity Today, Lebanon’s Christians Resist Exodus from Worst Economic Collapse in 150 Years

October 26, 2021, Christianity Today, Worried Christians ‘Wait and See’ After Sudan Coup

October 19, 2021, Christianity Today, Suing for Peace: Can Clerics Reconcile Armenia and Azerbaijan Better Than Courts?

October 18, 2021, Christianity Today, Egypt’s President Promotes Religious Choice During Human Rights Rollout

October 15, 2021, Christianity Today, Vaccine Campaign at Zimbabwe Churches Praises What’s Done in Secret

October 13, 2021, Christianity Today, Pew: US, France, and Korea Are Most Divided—Especially over Religion

October 13, 2021, Christianity Today, Christians Welcome Coup in Guinea

October 8, 2021, Christianity Today, Good News for Iraq’s Christians: More Autonomy, Less Dhimmitude

October 1, 2021, Christianity Today, How a Jewish Evangelical Won Trust with Arab Muslim Leaders

September 30, 2021, Christianity Today, Pew: Religious Terrorism at Record Low, Government Persecution at Record High

September 21, 2021, Christianity Today, Moroccan Christians Welcome End of a Decade of Islamist Government

September 16, 2021, Christianity Today, Evangelicals Endorse Unprecedented Ecumenical Plea for the Environment

September 9, 2021, Christianity Today, Crusaders No More: What Arab Christians and Muslims Think of Mascot Changes

August 30, 2021, Christianity Today, Dari TV Host: Afghanistan Will Now See ‘Pure Christianity’

July 22, 2021, Christianity Today, Christian and Muslim Leaders Agree on Legitimacy of Evangelism

July 19, 2021, Christianity Today, Summit Produces a ‘Pentecost’ Moment for International Religious Freedom

July 16, 2021, Christianity Today, Will Central Asia Become ‘Stans’ for Religious Freedom?

July 9, 2021, Christianity Today, New Museum Stakes Claim for the Bible in US History—Right Next to the Liberty Bell

July 8, 2021, Christianity Today, Evangelicals Ask Pope Francis to Help Save Lebanon

July 2, 2021, Christianity Today, Do Flags Belong in Churches? Pastors Around the World Weigh In. (additional reporting)

June 23, 2021, Christianity Today, Messianic Jews Say ‘Fake Rabbi’ Was Wrong Way to Reach the Ultra-Orthodox

June 16, 2021, Christianity Today, Lebanon’s Christian Schools Are Full of Muslims—and They Need Help

June 14, 2021, Christianity Today, The American Mosque: More Suburban, Less Conversion

June 10, 2021, Christianity Today, Algeria Returns a Historic Church, But Stops Christian Worship at 20 Others

June 3, 2021, Christianity Today, Fortress Europe: As Islam Expands, Should the US Imitate the ‘Christian’ Continent?

May 20, 2021, Christianity Today, Rockets, Riots, Sermons, and Soccer: Christian Views on the Conflict in Gaza and Israel

May 13, 2021, Christianity Today, Just a Bill: Religious Freedom Consensus Rarely Voted into Law

May 10, 2021, Christianity Today, Divided They Stand: Evangelicals Split Up in Politics to Keep Ukraine Conservative

May 10, 2021, Christianity Today, Genocide in Tigray? Ethiopian Christians Debate Orthodox Patriarch’s Claim

May 10, 2021, Christianity Today, Christian Street Artist Honors Beirut Explosion Victims with 204 Illegal Portraits

April 24, 2021, Christianity Today, Biden’s Armenian Genocide Stance Pleases Christians, Angers Turkey

April 23, 2021, Christianity Today, Anticipating Biden’s Genocide Decision, Armenians Fear a Cultural One in Azerbaijan

April 23, 2021, Christianity Today, Bibles Get American Pastor Tangled Up in Turkish Politics

April 21, 2021, Christianity Today, 3 Fewer Hot Spots for Trump-Biden Handover on Religious Freedom

April 19, 2021, Christianity Today, ISIS Executes Christian Businessman Kidnapped in Egypt’s Sinai

April 9, 2021, Christianity Today, Died: Ashur Eskrya, Champion of Iraq’s Displaced Christians

April 9, 2021, Christianity Today, The Best Advice on Engaging Muslims, from Arab Evangelical Scholars

March 31, 2021, Christianity Today, Convictions in Case of Christian Journalist Murdered in Turkey Fail to Satisfy

March 30, 2021, Christianity Today, Sudan Confirms Religious Freedom with Nuba Mountains Rebels

March 29, 2021, Christianity Today, To Further Muslim Faith in Religious Freedom, Can Women Succeed Where Men Have Not?

March 18, 2021, Christianity Today, Beat, Pray, Give: Catholics Want More Done for Persecuted Christians

March 18, 2021, Christianity Today, Streaming in the Desert: Middle East Discipleship On-Demand

March 15, 2021, Christianity Today, Why a Shiite Martyr’s Funeral Was Surprisingly Christian

March 11, 2021, Christianity Today, Switzerland’s New ‘Burqa Ban’ Divides Voters, Including Evangelicals

March 11, 2021, Christianity Today, At Mosul Church, Pope Asks Iraq’s Christians to Forgive ISIS and Rebuild

March 9, 2021, IDEAS, How to Pray for Your Nation

March 7, 2021, Christianity Today, Pope Francis Secures Favorable Fatwa for Iraq’s Christians

March 5, 2021, Christianity Today, Iraq’s Evangelicals Use Pope Francis’s Visit to Press for Equality

February 22, 2021, Christianity Today, If Muslims Can Build Churches in Egypt, Has Persecution Ended?

February 22, 2021, Christianity Today, Who Will Save Algeria’s Closed Churches: the UN, US, or Hirak?

February 19, 2021, Christianity Today, Interview: The Middle East Church Must Resemble Salt, not Rabbits

February 9, 2021, Christianity Today, Hundreds of Churches Threatened by France’s Plan to End Muslim Separatism

January 22, 2021, Christianity Today, Montenegro’s Churches Get a Religious Freedom Do-Over

January 21, 2021, Christianity Today, Word or Deeds: Shiite Firebrand Pledges to Restore Iraqi Christian Property

January 14, 2021, Christianity Today, Trump and Biden Disagree on Sanctions. So Do Evangelicals Outside the US.

January 8, 2021, Christianity Today, After Israel, Will Morocco Normalize with Christians?

January 5, 2021, Christianity Today, Azerbaijan Archbishop: Our Holy Mission Is to Keep Peace

January 4, 2021, Christianity Today, Polarized Americans Still Support Religious Freedom

December 21, 2020, Christianity Today, Gambia’s Christians Take a Stand in the Public Square

December 21, 2020, Christianity Today, Christmas Unites a Divided Iraq

December 21, 2020, Christianity Today, 117 Witnesses Detail North Korea’s Persecution of Christians

December 8, 2020, Christianity Today, Will Caucasus Conflict Come Also to France?

December 7, 2020, Christianity Today, US Adds Nigeria to Top of Religious Persecution List, Removes Sudan and Uzbekistan

November 20, 2020, Christianity Today, Muslims Join Evangelical Theology Conference

November 18, 2020, Christianity Today, No Pandemic Pause in Persecution, Says Poland Ministerial

November 16, 2020, Christianity Today, Sudan’s Partially Answered Prayers

November 16, 2020, Christianity Today, Like ‘Water on a Stone’: UN Expert on the Hard Work of Religious Freedom

November 10, 2020, Christianity Today, Pew and IDOP Agree: Religious Persecution Is Worsening Worldwide

November 10, 2020, Christianity Today, France’s Free Speech Makes Arab Christians Squirm

November 9, 2020, Christianity Today, Foxhole Faith in Nagorno-Karabakh

October 26, 2020, Christianity Today, Will $335 Million Peace with Israel Secure Sudan’s Religious Freedom?

October 21, 2020, Christianity Today, Azerbaijan Evangelicals: Conflict with Armenians Is Not a Religious War

October 21, 2020, Christianity Today, Turks and Armenians Reconcile in Christ. Can Azeris Join Them?

October 12, 2020, Christianity Today, Gambia’s New Sharia-Friendly Constitution Fails. But Christians Are Still Concerned.

October 10, 2020, Christianity Today, Symbolic Armenian Church Shelled in Clashes with Azerbaijan

October 7, 2020, Christianity Today, Biden Said ‘Inshallah.’ Many Arab Christians Do Too.

October 6, 2020, Christianity Today, Armenians Fight to Hold Ancient Homeland Within Azerbaijan

October 5, 2020, Christianity Today, God’s Word Is Like Manna in the Middle East

October 2, 2020, Schneller Magazine, When Parents Become Therapists

October 1, 2020, Christianity Today, Interview: To Elect Trump, Evangelicals Could Find Common Cause with Muslims

September 30, 2020, Christianity Today, Should Christians Join Burkina Faso’s Militias Against Terrorism?

September 14, 2020, Christianity Today, How Lebanon’s First Female Militant Made Her Fight More Faithful

September 9, 2020, Christianity Today, Old Scars and New Wounds: Christians Comfort Lebanon’s Trauma

September 6, 2020, Christianity Today, Sudan Agrees with Rebels to Remove Islam as State Religion

September 3, 2020, Christianity Today, Controversial Religion Law Tips Montenegro Election

September 3, 2020, Christianity Today, Researchers Find Christians in Iran Approaching 1 Million

August 24, 2020, Christianity Today, Zimbabwe Evangelicals Defend Catholics from Government’s ‘Genocide’ Accusations

August 21, 2020, Christianity Today, Turkey Turns Another Historic Church into a Mosque (additional reporting)

August 20, 2020, Christianity Today, A Beacon of Hope in a Broken Beirut

August 17, 2020, Christianity Today, Satellite Ministries Cross Boundaries. That’s Their Promise and Peril.

August 17, 2020, Christianity Today, Can ‘Abraham’ Bring Peace to the Middle East?

August 7, 2020, Christianity Today, How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids

August 5, 2020, Christianity Today, 16 Beirut Ministries Respond to Lebanon Explosion

August 5, 2020, Christianity Today, Lebanon Was Already in Turmoil. Then Came the Blast.

August 4, 2020, Christianity Today, Why Many Christians Want to Leave Palestine. And Why Most Won’t.

July 24, 2020, Christianity Today, Hagia Sophia’s Muslim Prayers Evoke Ottoman Treatment of Armenians

July 13, 2020, Christianity Today, Sudan Drops Death Penalty for Apostasy, Alcohol Ban for Christians

July 10, 2020, Christianity Today, Hagia Sophia Converted Back to Mosque by Turkey’s President

June 30, Christianity Today, Will International Religious Freedom Survive the Trump Administration?

June 30, 2020, Christianity Today, Israel Orders Christian TV Channel to Stop Broadcasting

June 29, 2020, Christianity Today, Can Hagia Sophia Become a Mosque? Turkish Court Will Soon Decide

June 25, 2020, Christianity Today, Do Catholics Care about Persecuted Christians?

June 22, 2020, Christianity Today, The Redemption of Interfaith Dialogue

June 15, 2020, Christianity Today, Middle East Christians Grapple with Apocalyptic Pandemic

June 10, 2020, Christianity Today, Trapped in Lebanon, Sudanese Students Find Refuge at Seminary

May 29, 2020, Christianity Today, Vulnerable Gulf Migrants Offered ‘God’s Karuna’ in Bible Society Outreach

May 22, 2020, Christianity Today, GOD TV Dispute Has Israel Talking About Messianic Jews

May 21, 2020, Christianity Today, Meet the ‘Gang Pastor’ Behind Cape Town’s Viral Coronavirus Cooperation

May 7, 2020, Christianity Today, Why We Opened a Christian University in Iraq Amid ISIS’ Genocide

April 28, 2020, Christianity Today, Report: ‘Tremendous Progress’ Ahead for Religious Freedom Worldwide

April 17, 2020, Christianity Today, Cleared of Landmines for Easter, Jesus’ Baptism Site Now Closed by COVID-19

April 11, 2020, Christianity Today, The Holy Fire Must Go On

April 3, 2020, Christianity Today, Arab Christians Have Lost Easter Before. Here’s What They Learned.

March 30, 2020, IDEAS, When You Can’t Return Home

March 23, 2020, Christianity Today, Iran Releases a Third of Christian Prisoners Due to Coronavirus Concerns

March 2, 2020, Christianity Today, Nigeria’s Government Agrees: Islamist Terrorists Target Christians

February 17, 2020, Christianity Today, Despite a Murder and Visa Denials, Christians Persevere in Turkey

February 5, 2020, Christianity Today, Closing the Bible Gap in the Gulf

February 4, 2020, Christianity Today, Religious Freedom Comes to Europe’s Second-Newest Nation. But Christians Are Concerned.

February 3, 2020, Christianity Today, Nigerian Christians Marched Sunday to Protest Persecution

January 28, 2020, Christianity Today, 13 Christian Takes on Trump’s Peace Plan for Israel and Palestine

January 28, 2020, Christianity Today, Soleimani’s Death Doesn’t End Iran’s Influence on Middle East Christians

January 15, 2020, Christianity Today, The Top 50 Countries Where its Hardest to be a Christian

January 13, 2020, Christianity Today, Pastor Turns Terrorist Hostage Video into a Testimony

December 29, 2019, Christianity Today, Sudan Lets Christians March for Jesus Again (additional reporting)

December 29, 2019, Christianity Today, 11 Nigerian Christians Executed in ISIS Christmas Video

December 13, 2019, Christianity Today, Senate’s Genocide Vote Not the Only Good News for Armenian Christians

December 9, 2019, Christianity Today, Christmas Celebrations Canceled in Iraq After Deaths of 400 Protesters

December 5, 2019, Christianity Today, Egypt’s Christian Women Treated Like Muslims in Inheritance. Until Now?

November 27, 2019, Christianity Today, Should Lebanon’s Christians Join Protests? Viral Sermons Argue Yes and No

November 27, 2019, Christianity Today, Palestinian Evangelicals Gain Official Recognition

November 22, 2019, Christianity Today, This Minnesota Monk Saves Middle East Manuscripts and Testifies to God’s Providence

November 8, 2019, Christianity Today, Split the Cedars of Lebanon: Evangelicals Balance Prayer, Protest, and Politics in Ongoing Uprising

November 7, 2019, Christianity Today, The Road from Damascus: How an Evangelical Syrian Spoke at Harvard’s Commencement

November 5, 2019, Christianity Today, When You are Persecuted in One Place, Flee to Another. But Not to America

November 1, 2019, Christianity Today, Armenian Orthodox Leader: ‘We May Forgive One Day, But We Will Never Forget.’

November 1, 2019, Christianity Today, Will US Genocide Resolution Satisfy Armenian Christians?

October 24, 2019, Christianity Today, There’s No One Christian View on Turks and Kurds

October 21, 2019, Christianity Today, Christians Defend Cultural Heritage in Muslim-Majority Countries

October 18, 2019, Christianity Today, Syrian Christians Brave Instability to Stay Behind and Help

October 11, 2019, Christianity Today, Ethiopia’s Evangelical Prime Minister Wins Nobel Peace Prize (additional reporting)

October 11, 2019, Christianity Today, Christians Killed on Syria’s Front Lines

October 10, 2019, Christianity Today, Jordan’s Evangelicals Push for Official Recognition

October 8, 2019, Christianity Today, Syrian Christians to US: ‘Don’t Abandon Us Now’

September 27, 2019, Christianity Today, Duke-UNC Middle East Studies Center Flagged for Anti-Christian Bias

September 23, 2019, Christianity Today, In UN Speech, Trump Announces New Religious Freedom Initiatives

September 12, 2019, Christianity Today, Evangelicals Who Distrust Muslims Likely Don’t Know Muslims

September 9, 2019, Christianity Today, When Islam is Not a Religion in America

July 22, 2019, Christianity Today, From DC to Mecca, Should ‘Human Dignity’ be the New ‘Religious Freedom’?

June 21, 2019, Christianity Today, Why Muslims Love Mary

June 10, 2019, Light Magazine, A Tale of Three Churches

May 17, 2019, Christianity Today, Should Christians Praise Partial Religious Freedom?

April 26, 2019, Christianity Today, Sri Lankan Sunday School was ‘Willing to Die for Christ’ on Easter. Half Did.

April 24, 2019, Christianity Today, Pew: US Christians Like the Israeli and Palestinian People More Than Their Governments

April 22, 2019, Christianity Today, How Palestine Divides Messianic Jews

April 18, 2019, Christianity Today, Arab Spring Again? Christians in Sudan and Algeria Cheer Regime Change

April 11, 2019, Christianity Today, Will Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ on Israel-Palestine Please Evangelicals?

April 11, 2019, Christianity Today, Judeo-Christian Politics… in Israel?

April 8, 2019, IDEAS, How to Grow in the Grief of Childhood Transition

March 22, 2019, Christianity Today, US Catholics Now as Concerned about Persecution as Climate Change or Refugees

March 18, 2019, Christianity Today, How Should Christians Respond to Christchurch Mosque Massacre?

March 15, 2019, Christianity Today, Cinema of God: Muslims Memorialize Augustine

February 14, 2019, Christianity Today, Forty Years Later, House Churches Threaten Iran’s Islamic Revolution

February 14, 2019, Religion Unplugged, A Royal Pickle: Jordanian Evangelicals and American ‘Help’

February 6, 2019, Christianity Today, Francis of Arabia: Will UAE’s Warm Welcome Help Christians Feel More at Home?

January 6, 2019, Christianity Today, From Russia, Without Love: Ukraine Marks Orthodox Christmas with Biggest Schism Since 1054

December 28, 2018, Christianity Today, Should Christians Quote Muhammad?

December 21, 2018, Christianity Today, Covenantal Theology: Can Muhammad’s Ancient Promise Inspire Muslim-Christian Peace Today?

December 20, 2018, Christianity Today, O Come, Ye Gazan Christians, to Bethlehem

December 19, 2018, Christianity Today, Jesus’ Baptism Site is a Minefield to Navigate. Literally.

December 17, 2018, Christianity Today, Egypt Approves 168 More Churches

September 20, 2018, Christianity Today, The Cost of Religious Freedom

August 24, 2018, Christianity Today, Bearing False Witness

August 16, 2018, Christianity Today, Will Trump’s Turkey Sanctions Help Andrew Brunson More Than They Hurt Turkish Christians?

August 14, 2018, Christianity Today, Evangelical Ethiopian Helps End Orthodox Schism

July 31, 2018, Christianity Today, Under the Law: Israeli Christians Worry About Secondary Status in Jewish Nation-State

July 2, 2018, Christianity Today, What Jordan’s Evangelicals Think of Templeton Winner King Abdullah’s Interfaith Acclaim

June 21, 2018, Christianity Today, Mideast Christians See Russia – Not the US – as Defender of their Faith

June 19, 2018, Christianity Today, How Sunday School Sparked Revival in Egypt’s Oldest Church

May 25, 2018, Christianity Today, Christ at the Checkpoint in the Age of Trump

May 21, 2018, Christianity Today, In Shadow of Death, Palestinian Christians and Messianic Jews Relapse on Reconciliation

May 18, 2018, Christianity Today, Spanning the Great Schism between Evangelical and Orthodox Christians

May 2, 2018, World Watch Monitor, “Avoid Persecution-of-Christians Label,” Says Syria Expert

April 20, 2018, Christianity Today, Sectarian Cinema: Oscars Highlight Muslim Defense of Persecuted Christians

April 8, 2018, The Media Project, In Time for Orthodox Easter, A Turkish Declaration of Christian Unity

March 31, 2018, The Media Project, Religious Liberty: For the Health of the Whole World

February 27, 2018, Christianity Today, Holy Sepulcher Will Reopen after Jerusalem Suspends Church Tax Grab

February 20, 2018, Christianity Today, Is ISIS Really Muslim?

January 10, 2018, Christianity Today, Does One Huge Church in Egypt Make Up for Troubles with 24 Small Ones?

January 8, 2018, The Table, Good Mourning America

December 29, 2017, Christianity Today, Egypt Says Muslims Who Die Defending Churches are Martyrs. One Just Did.

December 21, 2017, Christianity Today, To Defend Mideast Christians, Can Advocates Critique Islam?

December 15, 2017, Christianity Today, Friends of Zion’s Christians?

December 5, 2017, Christianity Today, The Piece of Jerusalem: Middle East Christians Explain Trump’s Embassy Gambit

November 28, 2017, Providence, Christians Ring Bells for Egyptian Muslims, in Christian Sympathy

November 27, 2017, Christianity Today, Calvin of Arabia: Protestant Theology Translated into Arabic

November 16, 2017, Christianity Today, The Game of Thrones Christians Should be Watching

November 14, 2017, Christianity Today, What Trump’s Evangelical Advisors Took Out of Egypt

November 14, 2017, Providence, Islamism: Contextualist or Essentialist? Or Both?

October 26, 2017, Patheos, Secondary Separation, in Islam

October 26, 2017, Providence, How Do Copts Endure their Martyrdoms?

October 13, 2017, The Media Project, Religious Freedom for the Muslim World: The Unlikely Activism of Kamal Fahmi

October 13, 2017, World Watch Monitor, The Public Spectacle of a Slain Coptic Priest

September 20, 2017, Christianity Today, Christians Could Return to the Middle East, Thanks to Trump (Deportations)

September 13, 2017, Christianity Today, Saudi Arabia’s Neighbor Defends Religious Freedom of Individuals

September 4, 2017, The Table, The Arrogance of Enemy Love: A Poem to ISIS

August 30, 2017, One We Stand, Iraqi Refugee Returns After ISIS: What I Saw When I Went Home

July 13, 2017, World Watch Monitor, Terrorist Threat Forces Egyptian Christians to Cancel Summer Activities

June 30, 2017, The Media Project, Small Town Offers ‘Sign’ of Welcome to Refugees in the United States

June 22, 2017, Christianity Today, Should Christians Join Muslims in Breaking Ramadan’s Daily Fast?

June 21, 2017, Christianity Today, Want to Help Christians Stay in the Middle East? Start with Your Vacation

June 15, 2017, TIMEP, How the Egyptian Church Secures Itself

June 1, 2017, Christianity Today, Righteous Anger: Egypt’s Christians Respond to ISIS

June 1, 2017, Providence, Will the Ambush of a Church Retreat Ambush Also Coptic Faith?

May 26, 2017, Christianity Today, Terrorists Kill 26 on Church Bus Trip to Popular Monastery

May 19, 2017, The Media Project, Art After Terror: Meet the Egyptian Church that Welcomes Muslims

May 9, 2017, Informed Comment, Pope Francis, Islam, and Peace-Building

May 4, 2017, The Media Project, Copts Pick Up Pieces After Bombings: A Q&A with Egypt’s Bishop Thomas

April 28, 2017, al-Monitor, Is Sufism the Answer to Extremism in Egypt?

April 20, 2017, Christianity Today, Forgiveness: Muslims Moved as Coptic Christians Do the Unimaginable

April 19, 2017, Christianity Today, ISIS Attacks Major Christian Monastery in Egypt

April 11, 2017, Providence, An Eye on Egypt after the Palm Sunday Bombings

April 9, 2017, Christianity Today, ISIS Bombings Kill Dozens at Palm Sunday Services in Egypt

March 20, 2017, Zwemer Center, Islam and the Bigotry of Conviction

March 17, 2017, Christianity Today, They Will Know We are Christians by Our Drinks

March 5, 2017, Anglican Diocese, Archbishop Mouneer Consecrates First Arab Bishop for North Africa

February 27, 2017, Christianity Today, Egyptian Exodus: 100 Christian Families Flee ISIS in Sinai Peninsula

February 24, 2017, Christianity Today, The Forgotten Final Resting Place of William Borden

February 17, 2017, Christianity Today, Egypt’s Anglicans Face ‘Existential Threat’… from Fellow Protestants

February 1, 2017, Lapido Media, After the Terror: How Egypt’s Museum of Islamic Art is Fighting Back

January 30, 2017, Christianity Today, What Arab Church Leaders Think of Trump Prioritizing Persecuted Christian Refugees

January 30, 2017, Anglican Diocese, Chris Wright and the Bible of Reformation

December 30, 2016, Christianity Today, Who Awaits the Messiah Most? Muslims

December 26, 2016, The Media Project, Did the Bombing of Cairo’s Copts Also Hold a Message for Muslims?

December 16, 2016, World Watch Monitor, Sudanese Pastors Pressured to ‘Inform’ or Stand Trial

December 15, 2016, Christianity Today, Podcast: How the Coptic Christian Church Endures

December 13, 2016, Providence, A Rough Stretch in a Season of Waiting: Egypt’s Christians and the Cathedral Bombing

December 11, 2016, Christianity Today, Bombing of Cairo Church’s Sunday Service Kills 25 on Muhammad’s Birthday

October 21, 2016, Christianity Today, Let My People Build

October 14, 2016, Lapido Media, Anglican Clerics Defy British Embassy to Kick-Start Egyptian Tourism

October 12, 2016, TIMEP, Egypt’s Other Churches: Smaller Denominations React to New Construction Law

October 1, 2016, Maadi Messenger, Mothering Society to Hear the Deaf (print only)

August 15, 2016, Zwemer Center, The Application of Sharia Law in the United States

May 25, 2016, Providence, Egypt and the Agony of Ongoing Tragedy

May 23, 2016, The Table, The Struggle for Enemy Love in the Arab Christian World

May 20, 2016, Christianity Today, Pilgrims’ Process: Why Christians Closest to the Holy Land Visit the Least

May 20, 2016, The Media Project, The Mural in the Garbage: An Artist’s ‘Perception’ of Cairo’s Coptic Slum

May 18, 2016, Christianity Today, World’s Biggest Muslim Organization Wants to Protect Christians

April 29, 2016, Providence, Supporting Sisi: Coptic Advice on US Aid

April 22, 2016, Zwemer Center, Sharia and the Separation of Mosque and State

April 21, 2016, Arab West Report, A New Holy Family Site and the Development of Coptic Tradition

April 14, 2016, The Behemoth, From Garbage to Glory

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