Friday Prayers for Egypt: Candidates Pending

Flag Cross Quran


Presidential elections will take place in Egypt sometime this coming spring. The incumbent is expected to run for a second term.

But as of now no opposition is certain. There is time, and there are those who are interested.

A former prime minister and presidential runner-up is meeting with his party to determine best course of action. He declared his intention abroad, maintained he was prevented from leaving, then got deported, and is now back home.

Another candidate, an army officer, declared his attention and was then detained. He broke regulations and engaged politically while still commissioned and wearing his uniform.

A third, a leftist human rights lawyer who also ran previously, declared his intention early and often. But a court case is pending that might bar his candidacy. Only those with clean record may seek office.

God, sift them to let your choices remain. Sift Egypt, to bring your choices forward.

Many or few, make her president known. For the good of Egypt, for the good of the world.

Some say the good will come via strong competition, cementing democratic gains achieved in the constitution.

Others fear a strong contest will shake Egypt’s stability, and a change in course will threaten the economy.

God, you know.

Guide Egypt through this crucial coming period. Teach her the ways you want her to walk. Honor her people in all of their choices. Give her good leaders who rightly fear you.

For peace. For freedom. For sovereignty. For flourishing.

In truth, for all, these are always pending, awaiting your ultimate fulfillment. Give Egypt vigilance and wisdom, God, to secure the present as best she can.



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