Friday Prayers for Egypt: Trumping Protest

Flag Cross Quran


Bless the president-to-be of the United States of America. May he govern wisely. May he engage Egypt well.

But though many are troubled in America at his arrival, many in Egypt welcome his opposition to the Brotherhood and his favor expressed toward Sisi.

And he comes at a moment when many in Egypt are troubled. An inflationary economy. A protest threatened.

A protest fizzled. A few answered mostly anonymous calls to fill the squares and overthrow the government. They were quickly subdued.

Among political forces only the Brotherhood endorsed the effort. The streets fell silent, save for the bustle of those who went about their business.

Issues remain, God, though an IMF cash infusion has been approved. May it begin to restore equilibrium, starting with those who need it most.

Until then, God, help many make due. Give them voice, that they might help shape policy.

And give wisdom to Trump, by whom so many in the world will now be affected. May America, and Egypt, to all be a blessing.



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