Friday Prayers for Egypt: November Float

Flag Cross Quran


Egypt finally took the plunge. After years of spending hard currency to support the pound, the Central Bank decided to float it against the dollar. Economists rejoiced, IMF authorities nodded, and an already inflationary local market braced for another blow.

Society, meanwhile, braces for planned protests on November 11. No one is certain if they will happen or not, but the mysterious originators – with some Brotherhood connections – call for an uprising over skyrocketing prices.

God, bless the government for taking a hard decision. Wisdom was asked by many on their behalf; may it be that it this the right one.

Now, with a plan in place, help the country see it through to completion. Food subsidies to the poor are being increased. Discounted essentials are being distributed.

It is a stop-gap, God. But it may be necessary. Help the poor to pass through these troubles. Help the middle class to simplify and save. Help the rich to be liberal in generosity.

And for the further reforms called for, refine bureaucracy and curb corruption. Bolster education and inspire entrepreneurship.

Confidence, God. In self, others, and you. Restore it to Egypt. Perhaps grant it fresh. Little can happen without trust in the system. Faithfulness, God. To you and to conscience.

For within such hope there must be place to protest. A healthy society needs dissenting voices. Judge those of this call, if they purpose destruction. Channel frustration into healthy expression.

But may legitimate grievances be heard. May neglected ideas receive due consideration. May dissonance gel into consensus.

The pound is weaker, God, but perhaps it is stable. Maybe the economy is similar? Strengthen all, for the sake of all.

A rising tide will float all boats. May November mark the end of ebb.



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