Friday Prayers for Egypt: Pardon

Flag Cross Quran


Eighty-two Egyptian youth are free today. Some say they never should have been imprisoned to begin with.

The majority were convicted for breaking the protest law. Some were guilty of thought-related crimes.

All had exhausted their legal appeals. Some had only a little time left on their sentence.

God, thank you for freedom, theirs and ours. May these youths use it well.

Guard them against bitterness, frustration, and revenge. Give them a proper understanding of justice, toward themselves and the state.

May they act accordingly. May they be stronger for this experience. May they honor you and the Egyptian people in all that is to come.

Bless the activists, God. Bless them with wisdom to add to their zeal. Bless the country with patience, and discernment in listening.

Their release stems from an initiative of the president to reengage youth. Parliament has contributed, as has the National Council for Human Rights.

But consider also those youth who were not released, God. Some were convicted of more serious crimes. Others may feel overlooked and abandoned, perhaps even targeted.

If mistakes were made, God, may they be corrected. If there was injustice, hold the wrongdoers accountable.

But move Egypt forward, with all of her youth. No nation can leave them behind and survive.

And no nation can thrive without freedom and responsibility. Give both in abundance, and may Egypt prove faithful.


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