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The Walk to Church and Nursery

We moved apartments last week. We hope there will be some stories to tell about this, and Julie is working on a post as we speak. Our apartment remains in about the same neighborhood as before, so while the walk to work is about the same, the scenery changes – ‘An Eight Minute Walk to Work’ video will need to be in the works soon, adding sixty seconds to the ‘Seven’ video offered earlier.

But now that our location has changed, we need to put out some of the previous videos we have been preparing. One soon to come from Julie concerns a special Egyptian ritual we enjoyed with friends on the occasion of Layla’s birth. This one, however, is another neighborhood stroll – this time to St. Mark’s, the local Coptic Orthodox Church where we worship and Emma has her preschool.

The video was filmed when our moms were here visiting to help out for a month while Layla was being born and Julie was recovering from surgery. As such, my mom features somewhat prominently in the video, especially as we negotiate a harrowing experience along the way. For us, it was normal routine; for her, well, Egypt takes some getting used to…

The video is filmed in stages, so you can click through to the following episodes:

One: Microbuses (one minute)

Two: Sand and Street (four minutes)

Three: School (two minutes)

Four: Canal (two minutes)

Five: Club (three minutes)

Six: Church (four minutes)

Seven: Nursery (one minute)

Sorry they are broken up a bit, but the trip as a whole, unnarrated, takes about fifteen minutes, which I figured would be a bit long for one uploading, and perhaps viewing. Now, feel free to watch at your convenience.

Sorry also for being a bit sporadic with our postings recently. Our move – in the middle of Egyptian summer – plus some work developments I can describe later, have conspired to take a bit of time and energy away from writing. We have not stopped learning about Egypt during this time (quite the contrary), but we hope to be better able to relate our findings soon. Thanks for your patience and for following along.

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear

This classic children’s book has been a favorite of our girls specifically during potty training for some reason.  I guess we introduced it as a new book when they were learning to use the potty, and it takes long enough to read to give them a chance to do something on the potty.  They both learned to read along with the book, at least somewhat, fairly quickly, and we recorded both of them at different times, with their Brown Bear book.

Emma was about 2 years old when she started with Brown Bear.  She could identify all the colors and animals fairly well by then.  One word of translation, when Emma says “oo-hoo” it means “give me.”  She wanted to see herself on the camera.

Hannah started with Brown Bear at about 19 months of age, so her words aren’t as clear, but she definitely knows the animals.  She, too, wanted to see herself on the camera, so she is a bit distracted, but it is fun to compare the two.

For Emma, click here.

For Hannah, click here.

To purchase from Amazon, click here: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Family Julie Video

A Tour of the Caspers’ Apartment

We thought it would be fun to let everyone have a look at our apartment. We live in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt, and we searched about three weeks until we found the place we finally decided was best. Until then we had seen upwards of about fifteen apartments, most of which were good but not quite right. When we were about to concede to the best of the acceptable, we took one last venture out and about, and found this place. We are very thankful for where we landed, and where we will spend the next year at the least, God willing.

The link to YouTube is: Please enjoy.