Brown Bear, Brown Bear

This classic children’s book has been a favorite of our girls specifically during potty training for some reason.  I guess we introduced it as a new book when they were learning to use the potty, and it takes long enough to read to give them a chance to do something on the potty.  They both learned to read along with the book, at least somewhat, fairly quickly, and we recorded both of them at different times, with their Brown Bear book.

Emma was about 2 years old when she started with Brown Bear.  She could identify all the colors and animals fairly well by then.  One word of translation, when Emma says “oo-hoo” it means “give me.”  She wanted to see herself on the camera.

Hannah started with Brown Bear at about 19 months of age, so her words aren’t as clear, but she definitely knows the animals.  She, too, wanted to see herself on the camera, so she is a bit distracted, but it is fun to compare the two.

For Emma, click here.

For Hannah, click here.

To purchase from Amazon, click here: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

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