Friday Prayers for Egypt: Citizens, Foreign

Flag Cross Quran


The citizen abroad is vulnerable. A foreign culture is hard to navigate with ways and threats uncertain.

The citizen at home is vulnerable. A foreign media is hard to navigate with news and biases uncertain.

So God, give discernment.

A number of recent cases emerged where Egyptians have been assaulted in other countries. One, a female teenage student, just died from injuries suffered in London.

Authorities are following up the incidents, by urging joint measures to monitor the legal process.

A number of recent articles emerged where Egyptians are accused of violations in their country. One, a British outlet, saw an alleged female torture subject deny their reporting about her.

Authorities are following up on the incidents, by urging citizen awareness to prompt a legal process.

God, give Egypt wisdom with the outside world.

A foreign culture sparks creative innovation. A foreign media offers alternate perspective. Both are healthy. Both are dangerous.

So help Egypt pursue justice for its citizens abroad. May they live in peace and mutual positive crosspollination.

And help Egypt promote truth for its citizens at home. May they live in peace with multiple accurate source-publication.

God, the world is uncertain; humanity, vulnerable.

Home or abroad, navigate the Egyptian. But may home, especially, be blessed.


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