Friday Prayers for Egypt: Documents, Deals

Flag Cross Quran


The intrigue peaked as candidates emerged. It tempered as they fell.

But it continues still.

The running mate of a now detained general threatened release of secret documents that would embarrass the army.

The general disputed, as his partner joined in confinement.

And then a third, unrelated.

A former popular presidential candidate, not running now, boldly bashed the whole enterprise.

He is now in custody, accused of making deals with the Muslim Brotherhood, to which he once belonged.

God, reveal. Let Egypt have no secrets.

Where she has enemies, bring them to light. Where she has sinned, bring her to repentance.

Keep her accountable, and keep her safe.

In the days that followed several parties responded by pledging to bring out the vote. They asked for greater openness in the political system, but condemned destabilizing calls for boycott.

Bring the right balance, God, and bless those on both sides.

May it be that all seek Egypt’s best in sincerity, and find a way forward together.

But let the people deliver their message, and let it be heard and interpreted well.

Let it lead to transparent governance. Let it lead to prosperity and peace.

Let the documents be open. Let the deals be social contract.

Let the intrigue pass, and public policy prevail.

For the good of Egypt, God. Temper it not, nor let it fall.


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