Friday Prayers for Egypt: Operation Sinai

Flag Cross Quran


There are three weeks left. Following a terrorist attack that killed 300 worshipers at a mosque in Sinai, the president gave a three-month ultimatum to the military and police to eliminate terrorism.

Today, Operation Sinai was launched. By land, air, and sea, in the desert and the Nile valley, a massive deployment seeks to fulfill the president’s call.

Parliament, al-Azhar, and the Orthodox church have all signaled their support. Perhaps the next few days will be telling.

But proof comes in the next few weeks. Terrorism hides easily. And surely many wish to disrupt the coming presidential elections.

God, protect.

Guide security to hideouts and depots.

Shield civilians from wayward fire.

Redeem terrorists from the judgment of Hell.

In the days to come, God, death counts will rise. Comfort the families, strengthen the nation.

Let the operation be decisive. Purge Egypt from the scourge that has plagued her.

May she seek peace, and pursue it.



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