Friday Prayers for Egypt: Candidates Set

Flag Cross Quran


After much drama, the result may be straightforward. The presidential election will pit the incumbent against the head of one of Egypt’s smaller parties.

The candidate, who registered at the last minute, is also on record as one of the incumbent’s strongest supporters.

Some say he is there for show. He says he is there to win, but also in support of Egypt’s democratic development.

Without him, the election would be referendum.

So God, develop.

May these elections spur conversation on government policy.

May they spur growth of all allied parties.

May they give options to forces inclined toward a boycott.

May they give voice to the people in endorsement or change.

Some say the result has been predetermined. With you, God, it has, and make clear the path.

Allow these elections to move Egypt straightforward. Dramatic or not, guide her to peace.


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