Friday Prayers for Egypt: Settling the Field

Flag Cross Quran


It is the highest post in the land, and therefore the most critical.

Fill it with the man of your choosing, but give the people a valid choice.

One once-popular candidate revised his desire to run.

One once-powerful general fudged his ability to run.

One once-marginal activist decried the procedures to run.

One still-notable politician tests the waters to run.

One still-controversial professor might be the first female to run.

One still-flamboyant chairman lingers, perhaps the only to run.

God, bring forward the right and true. Shield Egypt from ill agenda and lawless ambition. Give her candidates of judicious mind and servant heart.

And of them, of all them, give wisdom to the people.

Four years is a long time, God, and these four years are critical.

Settle the field, and settle the nation.

In her candidates, and of the one, lead her free to fields of peace.


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