Friday Prayers for Egypt: Starts and Fits

Flag Cross Quran


It can be difficult to begin again. Promising signs give way to more trouble. Egypt is looking to rebuild after several hard years of revolution.

Be with her.

The president has launched a new administrative capital city to house government by the end of the decade. But will it end as previous efforts, Cairo conquering all?

A new traffic law is drafted to better driving habits and reduce congestion. But is there will for proper enforcement, culture conquering all?

New Japanese-model schools are ready to open to instill better sense of discipline and education. But delays come with lack of transparency; corruption conquering all?

The military appears to be making gains against militants to quell terrorism and quiet the Sinai. But attacks continue as desperation rises; can a security commitment conquer all?

Tourism is rebounding from historic lows as beach and history are made more beautiful by depreciation. But the economy falters as inflation increases; can foreign currency conquer all?

God, give patience. God, give urgency.

Egypt is in a tricky place. There is enough stability to move forward. There is enough inertia to hold back.

So give wisdom. Give competence. Give vision. Give realism.

Give hope to the people. Give systems of merit and justice. Give space to live and thrive.

Give a new start, and fit all together. Trouble will come, and hard years continue. But rebuild.

Begin again, with your promise firm. Bless Egypt’s people. May they be yours.


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