Friday Prayers for Egypt: Quiet Revolution

Flag Cross Quran


January 25, 2011 was a momentous event. But if the president hadn’t said something, in 2017 Egypt might hardly have noticed.

It was a turning point in history, he declared, though it brought on many troubles. But he praised the people and the martyrs, giving assurance Egypt is on the right path.

May it be so, God. But the day itself passed quietly. Maybe that is good news?

Unlike previous years there were no demonstrations, no celebrations, no clampdowns. The metro at Tahrir closed, but it seemed more out of habit.

There are some who would like to erase the memory altogether, God. There are others who want to cling to it. The history is still complicated, contested between parties.

Help Egypt remember correctly. Help her celebrate where honorable, help her repent where necessary.

Help her discern the wide spectrum in between.

And help her move forward, God. The issues of the day are no less serious. Perhaps they are more so. There is much to repair, much to rebuild.

Economy. Institutions. Trust.

God, bless the nation and her people. Provide for her needs, strengthen her loins.

Give her peace and prosperity. Give her justice and sovereignty.

Give her a right understanding of herself, of her revolution, and of you.

Keep her on the right path, no matter the troubles. Momentous, but quiet.





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