Friday Prayers for Egypt: Red Sea Verdict

Flag Cross Quran


The court has spoken, and the land is Egyptian. Perhaps.

Months ago the president and the Saudi king concluded an agreement that included return of sovereignty over two small islands in the Red Sea. Opponents called it an illegal transfer, as Egyptians died in war defending their home soil.

This week the High Administrative Court sided with opponents. The Supreme Constitutional Court may yet have a say, but the immediate question is parliament.

The speaker says they will proceed with discussion and vote anyway, with many backing the president. Other members say this is would be a violation. Another legal dispute may yet be pending.

Several rejoiced, others groaned, and some fear. What does it mean when branches of government are at odds with themselves? Normal balance of power in some systems, in Egypt discord can be threatening.

God, resolve and normalize. Settle the issue of ownership, and buttress the role of each branch.

Let there be confidence in the judiciary. Let there be representation in the parliament. Let there be leadership in the executive.

Together, and in conflict, help them know and serve their land.




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