Pleasant Recognition


Many thanks to you who have read my thoughts over the years, either here at A Sense of Belonging or at the various sites that have published my articles.

I’m pleased to relate that others have found the work valuable, too.

This year my article for Christianity Today on the Coptic martyrs of Libya won third place in the category of ‘Higher Goals: International Religious Persecution’, from the Evangelical Press Association.

Altogether Christianity Today took home 45 awards from the EPA.

My reporting for CT was also honored as a finalist in the ‘Newspaper, Magazine, and Multimedia’ category of the Religion News Association.

I didn’t win, but it was still nice to be recognized.

Many thanks to editors for their patience and development. And thanks to God, certainly, for the privilege of this life.

It’s starting to feel a bit like the Oscars, so best to stop now. But thanks again to you, and I pray the information has helped you know a little more about the world, and help you do a little more good in service to it.


2 replies on “Pleasant Recognition”

Way to go, Jayson! I’m proud of you and yours!

Warren Larson PhD Professor Emeritus, Muslim Studies at CIU and Senior Fellow, Zwemer Center


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