Friday Prayers for Egypt: NGO Medicine

Flag Cross Quran


As with all people, sometimes society falls sick. Help Egypt restore herself to health.

But first, the people need medicine. Since the floating of the Egyptian pound essential drugs have been hard to come by. The price of imported raw materials nearly doubled overnight, while a cap is placed on consumer prices.

Drug manufacturers are pinched, and the sick suffer.

God, help Egypt find an equilibrium. So many interests, so many sectors to balance. Give foresight to anticipate coming struggles, and discernment to solve those of the present.

But another present problem is the role of civil society. Some see foreign money pursuing its own agenda. Some see government seeking to restrict the whole.

God, weigh motivations and inspire good policy. Many abroad just want to help. Others may intend discord. Many in government just want to protect. Others may intend control.

Sort and shuffle, God. Place good men in position to judge. Bring honest brokers to the task of implementation. Populate civil society with Egyptians who love their country. Populate government with people of wisdom.

Heal, God. There are long-suffered wounds and nurtured mistrust. The health of society is at stake, and the needed medicine is in your presence.

Lend it liberally, God. You are the great physician.


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