Friday Prayers for Egypt: Exam Leaks

Flag Cross Quran


Small scale protests have erupted again, this time over education. Students are angry over the leaking of answers to the national high school exam, as well as the threatened postponement until tests can be reformulated.

Both alleged leakers and demonstrators have been arrested, as several call for the resignation of the education minister. The president has vowed this oft-repeated scenario will not happen again.

God, to cheat is all too human. But good administration curbs bad morality. Help the government and schools design systems to ensure honest assessment. Hold responsible those who fail their charge along who those who deliberately thwart it.

And bless also the many students who conscientiously study.

All international indicators rank Egyptian education low, God. Reform is necessary in many sectors. Prepare for the nation a new generation of creative thinkers. Equip them through a new generation of creative educators.

Buoy them all in a new generation of upright citizens. There is a greater test awaiting them, God. May Egypt find your favor, and mercy.



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