Friday Prayers for Egypt: Black Box Blasphemy

Flag Cross Quran


At least it has been found. And at least it has been tabled. Now, give wisdom to discern rightly and move forward.

After weeks deep in the Mediterranean, the black box from Egypt Air flight 804 has been recovered. It could take weeks more to extract the data, but at least the mystery nears resolution.

God, thank you that facts may soon be known. Brace Egypt to receive the results, whatever direction they point. Ensure full transparency, and restore confidence in tourism and aviation.

Meanwhile, members of parliament have put forward draft bills touching a different controversy. One seeks to cancel the blasphemy law, another to remove religion from the national ID.

Proponents argue them necessary for the sake of citizenship, that the identification and safeguard of religion risks discrimination and the violation of rights. Opponents fault not the law but the person, while amendment risks disturbance of social peace.

God, thank you that society may soon deliberate. Brace Egypt for the debate, and may all be civil. Help mosque and church and officials and lawmakers and citizens to find right consensus.

Honor the individual conscience. Honor the societal norms. Refine both to honor your will for Egypt, with humility for all who seek to define it.

May truth be found, God, whether underwater or under taboo. May it heal, may it lead to peace.


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