Friday Prayers for Egypt: Okasha, Colleagues

Flag Cross Quran


Guide the man. Guide the professionals. Guide the parliament.

Guide them all to guide the government.

Tawfik Okasha is a loose cannon, a conspiracy theorist, and a now former member of parliament. His colleagues revoked his standing after several weeks of theatrics and dinner with the Israeli ambassador.

God, he is a hard man to figure. Is he a player or a pawn? A visionary or a reactionary? Either way, bless him. Refine him. Multiply every good and right principle he latches on to, and hold him firm as storms assail. Forgive him for the excess of every storm he unleashes himself.

Act similarly with the body of his former parliamentarians. Marshall their strength as the representatives of the people, and help them honor Egypt.

Give peace among neighbors, and justice within nations.

Egypt’s doctors and journalists believe they pursue this locally. Both level their protests against the security establishment, for colleagues assaulted and colleagues imprisoned. In their target and their numbers they are exercising pressure long absent from the Egyptian scene.

Give them wisdom, God, and with them the government. In a still sensitive and fragile context, help them establish good patterns for right expressions of grievance.

And may the government preempt them, to act before its hand is forced. But when challenged may it respond in grace, weighing the perfect against the possible, implementing with discernment all that you find right and good.

Act through individuals, God, with all their foibles. Act through collectives, with all their clamor. Guide Egypt forward, and give her peace.


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