Friday Prayers for Egypt: Eid Threats

Flag Cross Quran


The streets are quiet as Egyptian Muslims remember the sacrifice of Abraham. They slaughter a sheep, celebrate with family, and have three or four days to relax and enjoy.

Throughout the country there is calm, though some are trying to disrupt it.

Ansar Bait al-Maqdis, the foremost terrorist group operating out of the Sinai, has threatened to kill the interior minister during the eid holiday as part of its ongoing campaign against security forces.

The prayer is obvious, God. Foil their plans and avert their schemes. Bring to justice all who threaten the security of the nation.

But there are other threats as well, God. Eid congratulation banners have been hung outside mosques in Alexandria, giving good wishes from the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is just a banner, but it signals more. The Brotherhood has been outlawed and the state has sought to keep places of worship politics-free. The sign bears the phrase – ‘Come, let us truly love each other’ – but it is placed in the face of the regime.

God, let these words ring true. Acrimony has characterized many Egyptians this past year, as the political mixes with the religious. The Brotherhood calls for love, but they have demonized many. They in turn are now an object of scorn for millions beside.

Judge the politics, God, and hold accountable all who have poisoned it. Judge the religion, and honor those who honor you correctly.

But let the people love each other. Eid is a good reminder and practical example. Abraham and his son were nearly separated in pursuit of your will, but you intervened. A sacrifice preserved their family.

As the people slaughter their sheep, help them contemplate their own sacrifice, offered to you to preserve their nation. Much has been given, much more may still be required.

Give them a few days of quiet, God. But give them peace to celebrate, relax, and enjoy for much longer.


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