Friday Prayers for Egypt: Early to Rise

Flag Cross Quran


With a new president comes a new government, and with it a new promise. We will start our day at 7am.

Candidate Sisi did not offer many specific policy details, but he offered a specific commitment to work. President Sisi now demands it throughout the government.

It is not yet obliged on the population, though he hopes to set an example. Egyptians are well known for their late hours. The bureaucracy is long accused of less than diligence. Can Sisi change a culture?

And if so, will it help? Or are problems so entrenched no amount of elbow grease can solve them?

God, inspire Egyptians to work. Be it from Sisi, be it for Egypt, but may it hold and find motivation in you.

God, give Egyptians work. Be it from the state, be it from initiative, but may the many unemployed find labor.

God, fulfill Egyptians in work. Be it from wages, be it from meaning, but may that which they do have value and purpose.

For too much of reality violates the above. Help Sisi and the government reorient this reality. Help the individual Egyptian to reorient himself.

7am is not a sacred hour, God, but it is a good one. Lead each to know the hour of his awakening, and in it, may he own responsibility for all you have entrusted. Give more to those who prove faithful.

Begin a new promise. May it not prove false. Let each Egyptian start his day with you.


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