Friday Prayers for Egypt


As things grow more complicated, prayers become more simple: Give Egypt a good government, a good president. Help the people to live in peace. Help them to be united. Grant each one to help.

It is repetitious, God. We pray you are pleased with steadfastness. Grant our request, God, even as we know this prayer must continue for a long time yet. Help us not to tire, or to grow dull.

Bless those who have not tired, nor grown dull. By all accounts these are sacrificing to keep their nation on the right path. Yet not all account them so, and who knows but there may be merits in their doubts. They are young, perhaps foolish; we pray they may not be selfish, nor manipulators. Keep Egypt first in their hearts; keep them pure, keep them honorable. Not a few recent events suggest some may be otherwise.

Bless those who oppose them, God. Bless those who tire of them. Help each to find that which in the other is good. Trust is dissipating quickly, God. Prevent the coming days from devolving into a struggle for interests. Yet what of trust is revolution? Revolution destroys the institutions of trust, even if for good. Help all parties to build trust, since so little of it existed previously. Trust involves risk, and risk invites loss, hurt, and betrayal.

Men are not angels, God; perhaps trust is too much to ask. Give wisdom, then, to help all parties discern who loves their nation, and who is working for their own interest. Both cooperation and competition are desired, but may the duplicitous on all sides be exposed.

Grant special wisdom and patience, God, to the leaders. Their integrity is called into question by many. Only you know the hearts of men, God, but make these hearts pure and resolute. May they not return insult for insult, but blessing. They have been given a heavy trust; may they bear it with gravity. May it not become a burden. May their love for their nation lighten this load.

God, you know the demands of the people: Justice, freedom, dignity. May these come to pass, and may love, chivalry, and respect be added to them. Make Egypt, great, God. Make her people deserving of her.


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