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Friday Prayers for Egypt: World Youth

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They came from around the world. They discussed much local and regional.

If they paid attention, they watched leaders consult and sign million dollar contracts.

And they lent presence to an effort to give a strong message: Egypt wants to listen to the youth. The world should do the same.

So they should, God. Everyone should listen.

Much of the developing world is demographically skewed. Youth are the majority; leadership is old. This is not a bad thing. Wisdom takes time.

But revolutions have sprung from less. Egypt knows. She is still recovering.

And some are still angry. They see the World Youth Forum as hypocrisy. Far too many are still in jail.

Some have been pardoned. A program is launched to help remove stigma. And the forum itself was sparked by presidential youth meetings.

Only you can judge sincerity, God.

But you can also aid forgiveness. You can also strengthen persistence. You can lead the youth in both, as appropriate.

Perhaps some in opposite directions. There is a wealth of virtues to pursue. But many vices also to waylay.

Youth may rush to judgment. They may wallow in depression.

They do best with guidance, when given sufficient freedom.

God, help Egypt find the balance. Help the youth heal, and thrive.

And with the world present, may they cross-pollinate. May they learn. May they inspire.

They are a challenge, but also a hope. A danger, but also a strength.

May they contribute to both local and regional. May they pay attention.

We have to talk, said the forum. Indeed we do, said the youth. May all messages be heard, and find resolution.

Egypt, and the world, works better together.



Current Events

Friday Prayers for Egypt: Youth

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How shall a young man cleanse his … country? Two paths were open for Egypt’s youth this week, invited to a national youth conference sponsored by the president.

One group decided to attend, to make their voice heard. Another thought their voice would be louder in boycott. God, bless them both.

Those present heard of plans to train and incorporate them in the political path. A committee was mandated to revise the protest law and release the nonviolent from prison. And the president promised to remain with them in monthly dialogue.

Those absent spoke harshly of political theater. They condemned ongoing detentions. And in a recent poll, their majority said if elections were today they would not vote to reelect the president.

It matters not their political preference, God. But their political participation is crucial. The nation needs buy-in from all its citizens. Many of the young have instead opted-out.

God, guide the government in sincere reengagement. Guide the youth in setting their terms. And in the diversity of response, find consensus.

Give the young a spirit of respect. Help the aged to respond in humility. Give the young a freshness of vision. Help the aged to adapt and amend.

Together, God, may they strengthen Egypt. By taking heed thereto according to … each other.

In their way, by thy word, with whole heart may they seek you, and in your commandments find Egypt’s best.