Friday Prayers for Egypt: Azhar Blasphemy

Flag Cross Quran


The Azhar defends Islam. The state defends the law. You defend your name.

Together, may Egypt find its way.

The grand imam fired the Azhar University president for calling a prominent critic an infidel.

The minister of endowments censured a preacher for calling Christians unbelievers.

The critic had been convicted of blasphemy, later pardoned. The preacher is now sued the same.

It has often been that critics or Christians are charged if offending the sensibilities of Muslims. Are these reversals a sign of equality?

Or is the blasphemy law offensive itself?

Different Egyptians view it differently, God. In lieu of consensus, defend.

Defend the Azhar from unwarranted charges. Empower its reform and right interpretation of Islam.

Defend the state from manipulative agendas. Empower its enforcement and right crafting of law.

Defend your name from vain incantations. Empower the life that comes through right fear.

Where it is right for men to assist, give equity and humility.

Where it is right for men to argue, give insight and patience.

Where there is blasphemy, guide rightly. Blasphemer and society alike.

Defend your name, God, that you may be made known. Honor those dedicated to what it rightly entails.