Friday Prayers for Egypt: Rohingya

Flag Cross Quran


The Azhar spoke out about the death and displacement of Muslims from Myanmar. It called on the world’s conscience to care, and the international community to do something about it.

It also asserted—rightly or wrongly—that if they were Jews, Christians, or Buddhists, there would have been action already.

God, some of the images are horrific. Villages burned, children killed. Stop the violence, end the hatred.

Myanmar says the Muslim community are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, appropriating land over many years.

Whatever the truth, God, may problems be solved appropriately.

Perhaps the Azhar is right. Few outside of Southeast Asia pay much attention to the region.

But God, all have blind spots. Many support their own. Hypocrisy is everywhere—none can equitably spread their compassion, none can completely ensure justice.

Except you. Intervene, God. There and everywhere. Motivate your world to join you.

Give wisdom to the Azhar, and the world’s Muslims, in how to compel the cause.

Give wisdom to Myanmar, and the Rohingya’s neighbors, in how to solve their grievances.

And give wisdom to the world, to find the path toward peace.

May mankind care, God. May mankind act.

May religion have little to do with it. May you have much.