Friday Prayers for Egypt: Fish, Rice, Water, Vice

Flag Cross Quran


Small developments can multiply. Small disagreements can explode. For those involved there is no small. For the nation, wait and see.

The region’s largest fish farm opened in one of the nation’s poorest districts.

The pollution from burning post-harvest rice straw witnessed significant reduction.

The negotiations with Ethiopia over Nile dam construction reached an impasse.

The police brought charges against several creatives threatening social norms.

God, some developments are undoubtedly positive. May the economy strengthen through good food and good jobs. May the environment purify through proper waste management.

But other disagreements are harder to measure.

May two nations find consensus. May society find the same.

You have given Egypt resources, God. Natural and human. May she steward well.

If care is not taken, Ethiopia could bring Egypt to ruin. If morality is not heeded with mercy, Egypt may fall libertine or legalistic.

Spare her these trials. Bless her where she has proved faithful.

With you there is no small. May Egypt wait, but see you multiply.


UPDATE: After publishing this post, 155+ people were killed in a combination bomb and gunfire attack at a mosque in Northern Sinai. God have mercy, and may they rest in peace.