Egyptian Sumo Wrestling and Chess

From Ahram Online, providing a necessary break from politics to highlight Egyptian sporting success:

The first professional sumo wrestler from either Africa or the Arab world was given a boost Wednesday, winning promotion to the sport’s second highest division in Japan.

The Japan Sumo Association promoted 21-year-old Egyptian Abdel-Rahman Ahmed Shaalan, who goes by the ring name of “Osunaarashi” (Great Sandstorm), to the “jyuryo” division, made of wrestlers ranked between 43rd and 70th.

Meanwhile, Egypt is the top chess playing nation in Africa:

Egypt’s national chess team devoured almost all African Championship 2013 Open top spots, qualifying them for the World Cup in Norway in August.

The Egyptian team lead both men’s and women’s competitions held this year in Tunis from 17 – 27 May.

The first three places in the men’s competition were dominated by Egyptians, with Bassem Samir taking the crown, Ahmed Adly second and Essam El-Gindy third.

Likewise, in the women’s competition, Shorouq Nagi and Aya Moataz of Egypt nailed the top two slots.

And for those who didn’t know, though there is no recent article to highlight, Egyptians are among the best squash players in the world.

Congratulations, Egypt, we are very proud.