Friday Prayers for Egypt: Internal Organs

Flag Cross Quran


Inflation hit a high of 20 percent this month. Egyptians are suffering as the state seeks to stop years of internal bleeding.

But the response of some only does more damage – to themselves and the country. Egypt this week arrested a ring of doctors involved in the illegal trafficking of organs, attached even to prominent hospitals and medical schools.

Poverty has driven some to desperation. Greed has driven others to exploit them.

God, thank you for exposing this circle, and may it lead to finding others. Protect the integrity of the medical profession, upon which so much depends.

But protect also the integrity of the citizen, to live within a healthy means. Too many are adversely affected by the economy, no matter how necessary the reforms.

And in this, God, protect the integrity of the state. Give wisdom to balance the needs of the budget with the needs of the poor and middle class. May none grow rich on the sufferings of others.

In the end, God—and may it be soon—ensure these days strengthen the organs of Egypt. A society free from corruption. An economy free for enterprise.

And a people free to develop their nation. God, gird the loins of Egypt; bring her to peace and prosperity.