Friday Prayers for Egypt: Reconciliation?


As President Morsy settles into office, he is striking a conciliatory tone. He has announced he will appoint both a Copt and a woman to vice presidential posts. Furthermore, he is filmed frequently with the military, offering praises for the stewardship of the transition.

Many scoff, God. Perhaps they have good reason. These are not messages of substance, at least not yet. But they may be indications.

As for Copts and women, may they be indications of encouragement. Help Morsy to reach out and demonstrate with good will. May he honor this promise with a Copt embraced by their community. May he treat all Coptic issues with justice and equity. May they find in Morsy a man who fears you and honors humanity, without distinction. May there be real reconciliation between all.

As for the military, the scoffing is louder. Revolutionaries vary as to accepting these actions as a necessary part of the game to unseat the military eventually, or finding in them a complete betrayal of Tahrir and an embrace of power now that he has it.

Or, perhaps it is a reconciliation in fact. Perhaps the military has been guiding to democracy all along, and perhaps the Brotherhood sees itself as the conduit to a diverse future of competitive power sharing. May Egypt hope and pray for the best.

But there is a fine line between reconciliation and a deal. God, like all fields of human activity, politics belongs to you. May those who choose to navigate it do so with integrity and transparency. May the people of Egypt be honored with real choices, not backroom negotiations. If politics cannot be purified, keep pure those brave souls within it.

Not much has happened yet, God. A government must be appointed. Solution must be found for parliament and constitution. Guide these decisions and present Egypt representatives who will serve the national good.

You have given Egypt a president, God, help him to be a good one.