Friday Prayers for Egypt: Dead Tourists

Flag Cross QuranGod,

Forgive Egypt. Forgive her for the accidental killing of Mexican tourists. Forgive her for the haphazard way she handled the press. Forgive her for blaming the victims. Forgive her for false reporting in local media. Forgive her for awkward and self-referential condolences. Forgive her for the damage to tourism. Forgive her for the insufferable pain inflicted on the Mexican tourists and their families.

Forgive her, God. But may she also repent.

You have given government authority to protect citizens and society, God. Help Egypt to root out the terrorists the tourists were mistaken for. But you have given authority in trust. Help Egypt restore it.

Transparency and accountability have been promised by the authorities. May they fulfill their word, and extend it to governance in general.

Forgive Egypt, God. Save her from herself and her many entrenched sins. May this terrible accident be a rebuke that jolts her into reflection and change.

May it jolt her to repentance. May she weep over what she has done.

Comfort the victims, God. Give them strength to forgive.