Friday Prayers for Egypt: Program Hijacked

Flag Cross Quran


Forgotten after the unfortunate farce of a hijacking, the Egyptian cabinet presented parliament with its governing program.

Bless their efforts, God. May wisdom have drafted it, may courage implement it, may discernment amend it to whatever degree necessary.

May transparency accompany it. May accountability characterize it. May prosperity follow it.

God, help Egypt pass through this difficult period. But even when her problems are not self-inflicted, something arises to hijack recovery.

This time, a man on a plane with a fake bomb and a strange story. How much further damage will he cause to tourism?

Did he want his ex-wife and kids? Did he want the release of female prisoners? Did he act out of right mind? Did he act out shrewd agenda?

Whether a cry for help or a whimper of defiance, God, mend him as an individual. Care for his family, do right in their broken relationship.

And do right in Egypt. Restore tourism and make it safe. Renew investment and spread its benefit. Care for the nation; mend her broken relationships domestic and foreign.

Give insight to the authorities, God. Give agency to the people. Together may they govern well.