Lebanon Prayer: Tuition


Must students pay for the sins of others?

The American University upped its fees. Rather, it upped their dollar exchange.

When the economy tumbled, their exchange rate held firm.

When their budget tightened, they laid off their staff.

Now they yield to reality to reflect the market—more than doubling tuition cost.

Will they yield yet to students?

Protest rallies pushed their anger. Riot police engaged the crowd.

Can the college do otherwise? Should they spend their reserves?

Would it mortgage the future for the sake of this class?

Meanwhile the parties continue to argue. Even the patriarch steps in the fray.

Sunni and Christian air their frustrations. Each of the other says they mislead.

And all accused leaders submit not to subpoena. What will the judge do, if the law is ignored?

Protesters gathered at his very residence, urging him on until justice is done.

The words are simple: Port. Blast. Lira. Debt.


The world is complicated: Cabinet formation. Uniform standards. Dollarization. Sectarian balance.

Abandon, all ye who enter?

The sins of the fathers do plague the children.

Lebanon suffers from generations before.

What can be done if all this is your justice?

What if longstanding prayers result in your wrath?

May your mercy come quickly to Lebanon, God.

Cushion the needy. Spare the innocent. Preserve your remnant.

All those who labor for Lebanon’s good.

There are many—multiply them.

Find and promote within every class.

The students. The teachers.

The public servants who pull the strings.

But like the stringed puppets they have obligations. What can they do with the interests abroad?

God, you know.

Lead each uniquely. Lead each together.

Cleanse the heart and gird the loins.

Do not hold against them the sins of the fathers.

Your love settled the debt that none can repay.

Bless every soul and lead to repentance.

Let Lebanon live what you offer to all.

Your school has no tuition.


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Lebanon Prayer places before God the major events of the previous week, asking his favor for the nation living through them.

It seeks for values common to all, however differently some might apply them. It honors all who strive on her behalf, however suspect some may find them.

It offers no solutions, but desires peace, justice, and reconciliation. It favors no party, but seeks transparency, consensus, and national sovereignty.

How God sorts these out is his business. Consider joining in prayer that God will bless the people and establish his principles, from which all our approximations derive.

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