During our previous residency in Tunisia, we were able to translate three books, one of which has been published, and if you like, is available for purchase. It is entitled, The Journey of the Blind, and is a translation of poetry from a Libyan author. The style is quite modern; a sample poem can be selected from the link below. I selected it because it is one of my favorites: It speaks to a sense of belonging, of travel, and of home in another place, with all the danger with which this is fraught.

Click here for the sample poem: My Grandfather’s Testament

Click here for a picture of the front and back covers: Journey of the Blind

As you can notice, the price is $15 US, plus $4 for shipping and handling. This blog is not set up to be very professional; our parents will do the mailing and there is no paypal function, at least not yet. If you would like to order please just email us, at

jayson (dot) casper (at) ideasworld (dot) org

We will give you the address where you can send the check, at which point the books will be mailed from New Jersey. Thanks for your patience with ancient technology, dressed up all fancy in a blog.

The second book is in production. It is a collection of short stories by a Tunisian author, and I will write about it here when it is ready for purchase. The third book is trickier. It is by a Tunisian scholar who has updated an ancient manuscript recording the deeds of a 14th Century Sufi saint, for whom the modern day seaside town of Sidi Bou Said is named. A major question concerns who would wish to publish a book like this, rather obscure in its readership but valuable for academia. If anyone has ideas, please let us know.

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