Lebanon Prayer: Method Acting


There is courage in the public eye.

Yet all the world’s a stage.

You urge us hide our works from men,

Yet shine upon a hill.

Which one is Lebanon? When falls the curtain?

Stars love the limelight. Servants, the towel.

Which one is the judge?

Linked to the president she raided a firm

Accused to be linked to the president’s foe.

Dollar exporters they could be the one

Who sent out the money depositors lack.

Why was she then removed from the case?

A political judge saved political friend?

Or shelving the circus she made of the courts

He brought her in line with the right rule of law?

But if only distraction, then why would her aim

Go next to the ally of president’s term?

The Shiite community’s Syrian meds

And interest-free loans are also immoral?

Is she the maverick defying the norms

That keep corrupt leaders from public account?

Or acting in step with another corrupt,

Abusing her power in political games?

God, you know.

Bless her. Rebuke her. Whatever is right.

Which one is the PM designate?

A Sunni locked in a match with a Maronite,

He went to the boss of his strong Christian foil.

He brought back a message: Pope Francis will visit

With pleasure, once only a government forms.

Upstaging the president and taking his card

Of Christian defender, he seized full the stage.

A powerful performance that will break through the impasse?

Or a sideshow of vaudeville that sullies his host?

God, you know.

Bless him. Rebuke him. Whatever is right.

Which one is the deputy speaker?

The Greek Orthodox leader allied with the president

Called for the army to takeover power.

Does he fear for the state and its institutions?

Or read the political winds as they blow?

God, you know.

Bless him. Rebuke him. Whatever is right.

But God, also reveal.

Give your discernment to people confused.

For Jesus would also play to the masses.

Like prophets before him he acted his words.

Some loved him, some hated.

Some followed, some left.

With even disciples perplexed ’til the end.

But he prayed for your guidance.

He withdrew from the crowds.

His method: Foot washing.

His climax: The cross.

Steeped in sincerity, his message was true.

Bathed in compassion, his power was strong.

Give Lebanon such leaders, God.

Bless those it possesses,

And give them your grace.


To receive Lebanon Prayer by WhatsApp, please click this link to join the closed comments group.

Lebanon Prayer places before God the major events of the previous week, asking his favor for the nation living through them.

It seeks for values common to all, however differently some might apply them. It honors all who strive on her behalf, however suspect some may find them.

It offers no solutions, but desires peace, justice, and reconciliation. It favors no party, but seeks transparency, consensus, and national sovereignty.

How God sorts these out is his business. Consider joining in prayer that God will bless the people and establish his principles, from which all our approximations derive.

Sometimes prayer can generate more prayer. While mine is for general principles, you may have very specific hopes for Lebanon. You are welcome to post these here as comments, that others might pray with you as you place your desires before God.

If you wish to share your own prayer, please adhere to the following guidelines:

1) The sincerest prayers are before God alone. Please consult with God before posting anything.

2) If a prayer of hope, strive to express a collective encouragement.

3) If a prayer of lament, strive to express a collective grief.

4) If a prayer of anger, refrain from criticizing specific people, parties, sects, or nations. While it may be appropriate, save these for your prayers alone before God.

5) In every prayer, do your best to include a blessing.

I will do my best to moderate accordingly. Thank you for praying for Lebanon and her people.

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