Friday Prayers for Egypt: Crimes and Executions

Flag Cross Quran


When police do their job there is usually nothing remarkable to report. Society is protected, the blotter is filled.

Many thanks to you and them for Egypt’s low crime rate and day-to-day safety.

But recently three female singers have faced legal action over videos and public statements.

Seventy-five people and officials have been arrested for participation in a human trafficking ring.

And nineteen have been executed over terrorist violence.

These are not ordinary events, God, and the reporting reflects it.

The videos are said to promote debauchery. The ring was investigated for fourteen months. And the executions came after military court rulings.

There is little controversial over the human trafficking, except the exposure of official corruption. Weed it out, God, with full transparency.

But of the singers, some wish to protect the rights of speech, others the sensibility of society. Balance them, God, with no hypocrisy.

And of the executions, some criticize the trials as flawed while others praise the probity of the military. Exact justice, God, with all gravity.

Christmas is coming, with threats well known and procedures well studied. May the holiday pass with nothing remarkable.

Protect society, God, but leave blank the blotter. Help police stay alert. Help Egypt be righteous.


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