Friday Prayers for Egypt: Churches

Flag Cross Quran


A small group of terrorists killed worshippers at a church in southern Cairo.

A large mob of neighbors vandalized a different church further south.

A sizeable allotment of police and military guarded churches throughout the country.

A fair portion of churches remain closed for security reasons.

A tiny percentage of services suffered disruption to normal worship.

But God, any number is too high.

And any spirit that targets faith is too evil.

It is present in Egypt, God, as it is present elsewhere. It is hard to defeat.

Protect those who protect the nation. In today’s attack one died, as they killed one assailant and captured another.

But give wisdom also to those who govern. Exorcise this spirit at its source, to purge it completely.

And of those infected, heal them in your mercy.

Of the recalcitrant, marginalize. Of the ideologues, expose. Of the manipulators, arrest.

Strengthen the nation to resist, God. Give her courage to confront.

A little leaven leavens the whole bunch. May Egypt rise.


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