Friday Prayers for Egypt: National Health

Flag Cross Quran


Egypt has long been sick. Nurse her to health, and strengthen her immune system.

Some vital organs show signs of life. Others lag behind.

Parliament passed an anticipated national health insurance law. Vigorously debated, a point of contention was on the cost to the state versus the cost to the citizen.

Perhaps it was settled well, but it will still take time. Only one governorate will be covered first; the nation not for several years.

God, may it be better than what was. Strengthen the quality of care in all facilities. Extend coverage to as many as possible. Balance the finances, and neglect not the poor.

Mindful of them, Egypt is also trying to buttress her industry. Underdeveloped Asyut houses the factory for the first locally-made smartphone, but the launch was delayed when the batteries were stolen.

Criminals have been caught, and the phone will soon ship. But too much illness is self-inflicted.

God, reopen factories. Employ the youth. Inspire entrepreneurs. Streamline efficiency. But curb corruption and criminality, wherever it is found.

Mindful of this, a ripe new field has begun production. Natural gas discovered in Zohr is extracted by Italians, but promised for domestic gain. Export is restricted, and imports will soon be unnecessary.

It is a panacea for Egypt’s energy.

God, let the circulation be smooth as it pulses through her veins. May she steward well.

But you are the healer, you are the cure. Breathe new life into Egypt, to nurse others in turn.



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