Friday Prayers for Egypt: Utmost Force

Flag Cross Quran


After over 300 people were killed at a mosque, the state must do something. The president issued a directive to the army and police: utmost force, within three months.

Terrorism must be eradicated from the Sinai.

And may it be so. God, but with the utmost care.

There are civilian lives at stake, unmercifully meddled as militants mix in.

There are terrorist lives at stake, still creatures of a compassionate God.

There is the reputation of the state, widely accused of haphazard strategy.

There is the regard of the state, required to be strong in response to insult.

And that is what it was, God. An insult to humanity, to religion, to Egypt, to you.

They showed in their actions the utmost contempt. They deserve nothing more than the utmost chastisement.

In truth, they deserve death. They deserve hell. Equip the military and police to bring them right to its gates.

And once there, overcome.

Overcome conflict in the Sinai with prosperous development. Overcome hatred in the heart with sincere repentance.

Overcome evil with good.

God, utmost force is necessary in the face of wanton violence. But let strong resolve not extinguish compassion. Let broad mandate not diminish precision. Spare the innocent; rescue the region.

Avenge. Restore. Have mercy.

Three months, God. Let it be less.


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