Friday Prayers for Egypt: Death and Dishonor

Flag Cross Quran


All life is precious, all that exists. Even in death you care for their life.

But those that never existed? What then if they did?

Last week sixteen policemen were killed in a shootout with terrorists. Foreign news agencies put the death toll much higher, relying on unnamed security sources.

Egypt reacted angrily, and demanded the names of the dead be listed. So far it has not been done, but they stand by their reporting.

God, honor the dead and their sacrifices, no matter the number.

How awful if some are neglected. How awful if others invented.

The confusion helps no one, God, so settle the score.

Trust is essential commodity.

Unnamed sources are ok in journalism, if multiple and verifiable. But they are not best, and invite questioning.

Government statements are ok in journalism, if transparency is established. Official and best, they invite questions if lacking.

Egypt has released the names of the dead, and promised access to records. Grieving families are hard to silence.

Let the sources give the rest, God, or be silent.

If the sources are up to sabotage, make wise the agencies and empower the government to remove them.

If the agencies are up to sabotage, make wise the industry and expose them.

If the government sabotages its own dead, make wise the people.

These are dirty games, God. Bring forth the truth.

Give Egypt success against those who wish to harm her. Too many have died already.

Let not dishonor surround them. Trust, like life, is precious.


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