Friday Prayers for Egypt: United Nations

Flag Cross Quran


Significant things happened within Egypt this week. A prisoner was acquitted after four years detainment. Two churches reopened after security concerns. Police station spot inspections were begun by parliament.

But the president was in New York at the United Nations, significantly negotiating the path of the nation.

He earned praise for helping un-divide the Palestinians. He urged better coordination in combatting terrorism. He signed memorandums on illegal migration. He lobbied for increased foreign investment.

He took his place on the world stage, mingling with world leaders.

Interests govern foreign affairs, God. But relationships can make a significant difference.

So does domestic policy. Help Egypt do what is right by her own people.

But in the world, give the president grace. In precarious times, help him balance sovereignty and support. Help him challenge allies, and win over foes.

Help him represent Egypt.

It is a significant task, God, but in your sovereignty, support him. Of the people, and for them, challenge, and win over.



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