Friday Prayers for Egypt: Militant Human Rights

Flag Cross Quran


Egypt is abuzz over human rights allegations, accusing security of systemized torture.

Egypt is ablaze in militant conflict, attacking security in systemized violence.

Clarity, God, and safety. Settle the challenges Egypt must face.

The government refutes the charges of torture, stating any examples are individual, investigated, and prosecuted. It states the research into the report was shoddy, reliant on inadequate sources, and overtly politicized.

The government raided a terrorist cell in a neighborhood of urban Cairo, killing several. It then suffered losses when a convoy was ambushed in the Sinai. It asserts progress is being made and pressure exerted on the militants, but still faces an intransigent and virulent threat.

God, assist the authorities to fully establish a culture of human rights and the accountability thereof. And assist the self-appointed accountants to both chronicle and communicate well.

Give them discernment between exposure and advice. Give them wisdom in opposition and partnership. And give humility to the authorities in refutation, with courage, in reform.

But as for militancy, silence it. Channel frustrations into legal and viable options. Save violence only against recalcitrant evildoers. And even these, convict to repentance.

God, there are many paths to legitimacy. There are many more ways to undermine.

Establish Egypt upon your path—abuzz in expectancy, ablaze in creativity—systemized both as secure and human.


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