Friday Prayers for Egypt: Trump Trial

Flag Cross Quran


They started out friendly. Probably they still are. But the American president played an unexpected wild card, with developments still uncertain.

The US cut its military aid.

Trump has repeatedly praised Sisi, who has returned the admiration. But even so his administration followed an Obama pattern in holding back some aid pending better progress in human rights and democracy.

One reason: The controversial NGO law. Sources said they were told by Egypt it would not pass.

God, international relations are built on interests, but also through relationship. Strengthen communication between the two leaders.

Did Egypt promise and not deliver? Did she deceive to begin with? Or is it an erroneous report?

Let there be clarity in the relationship, God. Let Egypt know exactly what the US requires, and act accordingly.

No games. No guessing.

But also no free ride. Help Egypt judge the demands of her sovereignty. If accepting aid, in exchange for what? Is it a price worth paying?

Help her reach a place no aid is needed.

Develop Egypt in human rights and democracy, God. Develop also the American understanding.

Where there is a gap, narrow it.

Preserve friendly relations, God. In international relations, wild is risky. Put cards on the table, and play them well.

All is uncertain, but you know the way. Lead Egypt to the right and good.


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