Friday Prayers for Egypt: Ag, HR

Flag Cross Quran


Egypt used to be a breadbasket. Now she imports her food. But vegetables are still desired abroad, if only they would accept them.

Several nations have put a ban on Egyptian agriculture, wary of pesticides. Egypt had been hoping for boom harvest sales, having recently devalued the currency. Now they may face a domestic glut.

Fix what needs fixing, God. Help Egypt better care for her resources, and better market her goods. Balance crop with environment, profit with health.

However impossible, restore self-sufficiency.

Wherever necessary, reinforce human rights.

The president signed a law strengthening the national council devoted to the cause. Guaranteed is its access to prisons and hospitals, as well as its access to cabinet and parliament.

It has the mandate to hold government accountable. God, give it the wisdom and courage.

Appoint the right men and women. May they find listening ears and responsive hands. May individual and society equally be honored.

Dignity, God, and food. Provide both, from within Egypt.




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