Friday Prayers for Egypt: More Reform

Flag Cross Quran


Two more price categories are now set for increase: Water, by up to 50%, and bus tickets, the same. Subsidies are being slashed across the board, and inflation is rising.

The government has implemented procedures to help the poor, who are many. The economy is struggling, and has been imbalanced for a long time.

At least the reforms are doing something, God, but are they the right thing?

They are not the only reforms, though. The education minister revamped the elementary system and promises the same for high school.

Most agree education needs drastic improvement, God, but will it work? Will anything?

The people can only wait and see, and hope. Good news is that two new oil fields are producing at ‘unprecedented’ levels. New natural gas fields are near to extraction.

The requests are simple, God. Give wisdom to the ministers. Give support to the poor. Give patience to the rest.

But with patience, transparency and accountability. If the economy is put straight, put it straight for all. If it collapses… God, spare Egypt the tragedy. Spare the world.

Increase production, and slash corruption. Do what you wish with subsidies, but inflate the sense of national responsibility.

And reform, God. Reform well. The human heart and all beside.


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