Friday Prayers for Egypt: Death and Cancelation

Flag Cross Quran


Five more policemen were killed today. Several high-profile militants were killed this week. And to avoid adding their number to the roll, Egypt’s churches canceled summer activities for the next three weeks.

The intelligence services are finding material – warning the Christians and raiding the hideouts.

Yet extremist elements are finding recruits – threatening Christians and targeting checkpoints.

God, the cycle must end somewhere. May it be with the least blood.

Criminals must be found, God. But give them justice greater than death. To the degree possible, help raids end in capture.

Peace must be established, God. But give Egypt justice greater than security. To the degree possible, help rights end in responsibility.

Death comes for all, God, when you will it. But in Egypt the past several years, it has come too soon for too many.

In eternity you cancel death. May Egypt live as if you canceled it now.


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