Friday Prayers for Egypt: Fuel Subsidy

Flag Cross Quran


It was approved earlier, but implemented now. It was expected before, but now felt in pocket.

It was to come, and more is coming.

The fuel subsidy was slashed, with some products doubling in price.

It hits the middle class and their fleet of automobiles. It hits the lower class with microbuses and gas bottles. The rich can take it, but it hurts them too.

All for the sake of the state budget.

Surely it is necessary, some say. Deficits are a debilitating reality and the IMF urges reform.

Surely there are alternatives, others say. The people are already poor.

The government doubled the discounted allotment for essential goods on the ration cards, to help.

A functional, efficient economy would help even more.

God, whatever the wisdom in subsidy reduction, bring about the greater goal.

Help the poor to cope. Help the rich to share.

Help the nation right itself.

Give Egypt the advisors necessary to find the path forward. Give her the leadership necessary to do what must be done.

You have given new fields of natural gas. Speed the extraction. Refuel the nation.

Bring holistic recovery, God. From your grace, subsidize hope.



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