Friday Prayers for Egypt: Qatar

Flag Cross Quran


The Gulf has had enough. So has Egypt. So have others. Some hedge their bets. Some play both sides.

But it is a crisis, God. The tiny nation has been called out for supporting terrorism, within a region that is full of it, but usually sticks to innuendo. It also happens to host the largest US military base in the Middle East.

And the damage is far beyond diplomacy. A blockade is established on all entry and exit. The only airspace is through Iran.

Qatar is rich, and can ride out the damage. But for how long, and at what cost? What can bring resolution, in a culture bound by honor? In the eyes of many, Qatar has forfeited it.

But you know, God. Dangerous and deadly games are played in the region, by someone. Even the public rivalries are contentious, in media.

You value unity, God. At some level it is right for the region to maintain it.

You value diversity, God. At some level each nation must find its own way.

But you deplore duplicity, God. Many accuse in mutual recrimination.

And you deplore savagery, God. Many suffer in targeted destabilization.

Settle the region and every nation. Preserve sovereignty and good will. Promote peace and economic balance.

Hold accountable. If some are guilty let your judgment be true.

But all are guilty. Let your justice redeem.

God, the people have had enough. Have you? Do we witness your retribution, or more manipulation?

Put things right, God, on all sides. Honor Qatar. Honor all.



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